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What if....?

Tue Oct 13, 2020 5:07 pm

So I tend to play the French side mostly and was thinking about several what if scenarios/'lose ends'. So these are thoughts are pretty much possible scenarios that are going through my head... achievable in game but not in reality :)

Sicily - Once one conquers Naples and creates the kingdom of Naples, the Bourbons are left with the island of Sicily. Conquering it just remains like that. So if you had a choice, would you eliminate the Bourbon kingdom outright and annex Sicily to the Kingdom of Naples (and give Kingdom a slight bump in resources, recruits and units)? Or would the internal Napoleon in you retain it as a French possession? I can't imagine a flip like the Saxons and having two Sicilian states contending the mainland.

Sardinia - very much the same issue as above, with the difference that this island would be annexed to France directly (can't really imagine it being given to someone else)? Or would you go for a flip like the Saxons?

And now for the big one - Russia. We all know that Napoleon's invasion was intended to put Russia back in the Continental system. However, Napoleon never really stopped at ideals and always grabbed 'some' land as compensation for ... well whatever the war was about. Indeed, one can see this in the fact that once inside Russia he quickly mobilized several Lithuanian/Polish units. In my eyes, he was there to stay. So had he emerged victorious what would he be satisfied with? I'm thinking of him seizing and annexing Lithuania and possibly Latvia to the Duchy of Warsaw. Estonia was too close to St Petersburg for the Tsars to relinquish. Its a large chunk of land, but the Tsars were never loath to relinquish temporarily land under duress. What do you think?

Of course, I think that the above are doable through new events and I'm trying to keep within the realm of possibility. For example I'm not suggesting that Bonapartist Spain taking over effectively Spain - it was too unsettled and hostile, nor a Napoleonic conquest of Azerbaijan or Persia :)

I'm currently testing a Haiti event where basically if it is defeated by the French, it is annexed by the French. If it works, I think I'll go for the above...

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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