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New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:31 am

Giving focus to the old (non-FOG : E) engine, I was hoping in the near future to pick up a new PC that would be best aligned for AGEOD game stability.

Performance - is actually a second consideration in my book. I have no issues waiting for PON to process turns for example - but do get a little frustrated with the sluggish map scrolling of AJE.

My main focus would be to avoiding crashes on WON and EAW as much as possible ....

So - if you have some experience moving from one PC to another or upgrading / changing cards etc and could share your insights, I would appreciate it ...

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Re: New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:59 pm

Evidently the better the processor and graphic card, the faster will be your Ageod games.

Also a SSD for a faster loading.

However and IMHO most of the problems commented by the gamers are related with software, Windows/Ageod engine relationship.

Disabling UAC, not installing in "\Program files" folder, running as administrator.

These measures should avoid most of them.

I am still using W7, so cannot comment on newer versions of Windows, but my guess is that it is the same.

The first thing I would do after buying a new computer is to disable the UAC in Windows.

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Re: New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:40 pm

Thanks for the input Nikel.

It looks like there are long raging arguments all over the web about the risks of disabling UAC - so no need to dig into that again here.

The Path is interesting.

Does that relate to anything specific to that path or is it due to the spaces?

All of my installs are Steam based but I have recently started using an alternate path on my D: drive for the Steam library.

Any other folks with experience - perhaps with stability differences between video card manufacturers ?

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Re: New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:21 pm

Changing the path can help with 'access violations errors' that can terminate the program. It seems windows checks for administration rights when the program is in 'program files'. I install my games in an Ageod folder on the c drive.
example "C:\Ageod\

The old engine does not take advantage of multiple Processor cores. Most new CPU are multiple core but I believe single core performance rating is more important for old Ageod Games.

I'm using a AMD Fx-6300 3.5gz... it's six core; the extra cores don't really help.
16 GB memory
I have a Geforce GTX-650 1 GB video card. Most of the older games had a 512mb minimum requirement but many were changed to 1024MB (1GB.) Again that's listed as minimum.

After I ran windows performance check my 'HD drive speed' is listed as my 'weak point'. When I first enter a menu or scroll the map there is a slight hesitation. After the first view of a menu or map area it becomes very fast. I'm thinking it loads to memory from the drive. A trick I use is to open all menus F1, F2 ect. and scroll the whole map. it seems to help. Also, for some reason. on my PC The AGE map seems to scroll better with the arrow keys I have no idea why.

FYI some of the newer games save to the Documents folder by default. This is another chance for an 'Access Violation'.
Matrix Tech support recommended deleting the 'userpath.ins' file from the main folder. The next 'NEW' game start will save to the Game folder. ie ECW

Sorry I don't mean to ramble but I hope my experiences can help you make a decision on your new PC.

Best of Luck!

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Re: New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:13 am

i have every game here installed with windows 10 64bit with no issue on any, site versions or steam one,

like most thing now days, if you run a admin account, install the game as run as admin and same for the patches / updates etc, and use default AV and firewalls, the game isn't the issue in the default locations on windows 10 either, latest version clean install, not a upgrade etc.

it's what else you have running, or not installing and running as admin which is most of the time the issue

so any recent pc and O/S will be fine, if you have a budget, i'll spec you one, if you wish?

just send my a site pm either here or on of the 3 forums or just for advice, i'm more than happy to help anyone out on gaming issues :sherlock:

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Re: New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:35 am

Just with regards to scroll speed, I also found the following post from this thread: viewtopic.php?t=51056 to be very helpful

Khanti wrote:Old topic bump. But it's probably the same subject.

Something I've experienced myself:
If game feels laggy or just awfully slow when moving a mouse (scrolling) remember there are "hidden" options you CAN change.
In fact it not "hidden" - but game does not display them in "OPTIONS" table.
You need to change them manually in game files.

Find game folder: Revolution under Siege Gold\RUS\Settings\ HERE

Find file: General.opt

Change numbers to your liking. Of course BACK UP that file before editing in case you spoil something ;)

My preferred values:

LogBatch = 450
MemUsage = 50 (that CAN be change in game)
ScrollAmount = 600 (fast scrolling), standard was 200, so it's 3 times faster
ScrollDelay = 5 (it starts scrolling map faster), standard was 100!
ScrollIncrease = 10 (increase speed of scrolling during scrolling ), standard was 4

And I use borderless window when playing (makes wonders during alt-tab!).

Find file: Display.opt

FullScreen = 0
Windowed = 1
Borderless = 1

HTH as it helped me!

Tested with non Steam Win 7 laptop.

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Re: New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Tue May 07, 2019 2:32 pm

Thank you all very much for the advice.

I went with the following : ... UTF8&psc=1

and am very happy now with the performance and stability of AJE, PON, WON etc …

QQ for Zak - when it comes to STEAM installs - do they by default install with Admin ?

Also - after install, I believe the trick would be to alter the properties on the actual AGEOD executable for Run As Admin as opposed to the Steam run game ID icon ?

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Re: New AGEOD Friendly PC ?

Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:43 pm

sorry for the late reply no, by default steam doesn't install it self or run as admin, but simple to alter and once done steam will always load and play as admin and tbh is the quickest and easiest imo way of keeping a game collection, buy from here, get both the site version and a steam key then have the best of both worlds without the issues

How to Run Steam as Administrator:

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