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Thoughts on the Campaign Game Start Situation

Mon Aug 01, 2016 7:06 pm

The “Schlieffen Plan” option for Germany starts on the second turn with units already in Belgium rather than poised at the border in their mobilization concentration areas. Is this intended to reflect the limited German attack brusque on Liege (which would have occurred during the period covered by turn one)?

While these unit positions may reflect the historic first German moves at the scale of this game this doesn’t allow the player to exercise the other movement options potentially available to the Germans. Incidentally it also ignores the large scale French cavalry reconnaissance into Belgium or the similar Russian incursions into East Prussia which actually occurred during the period of mobilization during turn one, preceding the main German moves.

Is there the possibility of including an optional free form deployment (allowing new army mobilization concentration areas) during the first 15 day turn (perhaps allowing Armies to be reorganized at the corps level) with movement to start during the second 15 day turn (or 3rd turn of play in the proposed 7 day per turn update game) for the human player.

It would be very interesting to include an optional “what if” scenario giving the German army the additional 25 or so “ghost divisions” (i.e. the 16 ersatz and 8 reserve and regular divisions) envisioned by Schlieffen in his 1905 Denkschrift in order to make this plan work. Even with these added units could it?

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