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uniform variety

Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:11 pm

this game is excellent,but but there are still very important details to finish.
the look of uniforms and its historical accuracy in each battalion,is one of the most important inmmersive aspects of the game.
i have observed in different factions using general uniform for all units,thus removes much immersion and realism when playing the campaign.
france has the same type of uniform hussar for all cavalry hussar regiments,so does the french cavalry regiments of lancers and chasseurs,so does the cavalry of other nations such as russia,england,austria and other,small variety of historic uniforms and a general uniform to represent a type of unit.
i have also seen little variety of historical in uniforms emblematic infantry regiments.
also the limit recruitment of many units is not historically correct,in the case of france it has to recruit many more carabiniers cavalry regiments that had historically.
hopefully the variety of historic uniforms of different nations is increased much more in the next patch update,because it is as important fixing bugs as implement immersive aspects to the game.
there is no doubt that the variety and historical accuracy in the uniforms of the different units of the armies and the historical limits recruitment of the units is a important aspect to consider.

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Wed Dec 09, 2015 11:31 am

This can only be improved via modders, the budget cost of making over 400+ uniforms and as many leaders or more is staggering...there won't be much from us. But for those who want them, the artist "might" accept (against retribution) to do some more for you :thumbsup:

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Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:24 pm

waiting for the output of a patch update,i continued to see the types of uniforms and historical units that countries have in the game.
certainly not ask for much put the french cuirassiers properly with its historical uniform,i was surprised failures like this in such iconic and famous units.
i could also see that there is no distinction between uniformity of chasseur a cheval and french hussars,using the same type of graphics to represent,i'm not saying they do different types of uniforms for hussars and chasseur a cheval regiments,which would be fine,but made a visual and graphs distinction of these units.
There are also errors in the uniformity of the imperial guard, mixed of the half-guard uniforms with young guard.
expected better care and variety on the historical issue of uniform units in this game,as a lover of history and the specific military theme this epoch.
i expected much more variety in the cavalry and infantry, especially in french army,many more uniform line infantry,among other types.
for me the issue of uniform is very important in a game that simulates history,It gives the immersion and seriousness required.
this is not a free criticism,It is that really the games of this company take them seriously,where history is treated with due rigor and respect.
i would like to see in a patch is going to give variety to the issue of uniform and correct units having the same type of uniform or incorrect uniform.
i think if the company has opted for this game therefore this aspect so easy to perform should not neglect in benefit of greater historical accuracy,immersion and realism,thanks.

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Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:37 pm

Accurate uniforms? That one alone can be staggering indeed. In Russian Imperial Guard alone every regiment had its complexion and hair color standards. Preobrazhenskii regiment was made up of ash blonde “rougher looking fellows”, while Semenovskii was made up of blue eyed blondes, Izmailovskii had to have men with darker hair, while Pavlovskii grenadiers were redheads with turned up noses, Moscow Life Guard regiment consisted of redheads and etc down the line. Not to forget each Imperial guard cavalry had specific reserved color for their horses.

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Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:38 pm

Why not provide some pictures for reference to what they should be like? The more you help the developers the quicker they might be able to resolve it.

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