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Transport on Rivers and Lakes

Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:04 pm

ADDIT: Never mind I now see that the arty, supply and infantry units all have a "Weight" listing at the bottom of the unit tab :bonk:

I'm trying out the 1756 Montcalm scenario as French. I figure I should give my soldiers a break and transport as many of them as possible down the St. Laurence by boat.

I have a "Flotille du Quebec" unit in Quebec City comprising two Bateaux both say "Transport Capacity: 20." I'm not sure if that means the equivalent of 20 regiments per bateaux or the equivalent of 20 companies ("elements" as the game says). Do leaders count into that?

Armee du Canada has "16 Units" in it, 5 of which are Leaders. It will not load up into the Flotille du Quebec. If I click individual regiments, I can get as many as 7 to load into the fleet, along with 1 supply wagon, but after that (and this seems to be inconsistent between restarts) it sometimes seems to allow me to load more into the fleet, and sometimes doesn't (I don't hear the little marching noise indicating they are loading).

What does "Transport Capacity: 20" mean?

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