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Treaty of Kloster-Seven and von Belling Freikorps

Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:21 pm

Couple of questions about these 2 events:

1. Treaty of Kloster Zeven (sp?)

What are the requirements for this event to happen? I'm guessing that the Prussians can get rid of Duke of Cumberland if this event fires.

I've lost a battle against the French in Hanover but I'm guess 1 loss isn't enough.

2. von Belling Freikorps?

Again, what are the requirements for this to happen? From what I understood from the event -file that the Swedes need to have superior numbers in Brandenburg.

Do the Swedes have to own the town of Brandenburg too?

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Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:44 pm

Does anyone know anything about these 2 events?

Awfully quiet in this particlar part of this forum...

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Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:56 pm

You can look it up in the event file - it is in the forum at this place:

It takes some time, but all events are in here, and their triggers and the effects are also. Search on the event name, you usually can find it that way. The programming "language' isn't to hard to understand.

An other option is to look in the scripts - in the ROP map, look under scripts. The scriptpreparse is the easiest I think. There you find under Zeven:

025084 SelectFaction = $AUS
025085 SelectRegion = $Hannover
025086 StartEvent = evt_nam_CMN_TreatyKlosterZeven|0|2|evt_txt_CMN_TreatyKlosterZeven|Event-img_CMN_TreatyKlosterZeven|$Hannover|NULL
025088 Conditions
025089 MinDate = 1756/01/01
025090 MaxDate = 1765/12/31
025092 EvalRgnOwned = $Hannover
025094 Actions
025095 DescEvent = evt_desc_CMN_TreatyKlosterZeven
025097 ChangeVPCount = 20
025099 SelectFaction = $PRU
025100 SelectSubUnits = FactionTags HAN
025101 AlterCuSubUnit = ApplytoList;Kill;
025103 SelUnqUnit = Cumberland
025104 RemoveCuUnit
025105 GenMsg
025106 GenTextMsg = evt_nam_CMN_TreatyKlosterZeven;2;evt_txt_CMN_TreatyKlosterZeven;Event-img_CMN_TreatyKlosterZeven;NULL
025108 EndEvent

So, if AUS
between dates 01-01-1756
and 31-12-1765
owns Hannover,
the treaty of Kloster Zeven is triggered,
it gets 20 VP
Cumberland is removed
(And maybe all Hannoverian units? With the kill command?)
and a message is displayed.

(I think....someone will correct me if I am wrong :D )

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Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:06 am

This event will never fire as the number of occurences is set to 0, see StartEvent script command syntax below ;

StartEvent = Name|Occurences|DisplayType|EventText|EventPic|Region|Sound

Unless there is a related event that change the occurences to 1 for example with the syntax below ;

ChgEvtOccurs = EventName; OccParam; Value

More info and clearer explanation can be be found in the AGEWiki

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:21 pm

The Treaty Event has been disabled because the first writing was excessively too powerful (although in theory true to historical situation).

We could have it work in a more limited fashion, may be the best would be triggering a multichoice event for the Prussian player, with choices such as accepting the treaty in exchange of Hannover/French neutralization perhaps? Or rejecting the treaty? or another option?


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Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:28 pm

Choice is good...

But I would also ask why the event is "to powerfull" in the game, but wasn't in real life. I am not very knowledgable about this period, but I gather the French took Hanover, the Hanoverians sued for a seperate peace, and were out of the war... and then?
The Prussians didn't collapse, so maybe the French went home as well? I think at least one of the choices should have the events and the results of the historical outcome..

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Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:41 pm

From Wikipedia ;) :

The Convention of Klosterzeven (or the Convention of Kloster-Zeven) was a 1757 convention signed at Klosterzeven (on 8 september according to another source) between France and the Electorate of Hanover during the Seven Years' War that led to Hanover's withdrawal from the war and partial occupation by French forces.[1] It came in the wake of the Battle of Hastenbeck in which Hanover had suffered a devastating defeat. Following the battle the Army of Observation had retreated northwards until it had reached Stade.

The agreement was deeply unpopular with Hanover's ally Prussia whose Western frontier was severely weakened by the agreement. After the Prussian victory at Rossbach on 5 Nov 1757, King George II was encouraged to disavow the treaty.[2] Under pressure from Frederick the Great and William Pitt, the convention was subsequently revoked and Hanover re-entered the war the following year.[3] The Duke of Cumberland who had signed the agreement on behalf of Hanover was disgraced when he returned to Britain ending his previously distinguished military career. He was replaced as commander by Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick.

So - first it looks like the prerequisites are a low Hanoverian morale, cq. a big loss - not the occupation of Hanover "an sich". Though that might be difficult to realise in the game.
Second it looks like the French occupied part of the country Hanover (which part?), and did not advance further. This might have been due to the end of the fighting season - the november victory is pretty late in the season - in ROP there will be snow by then.
Hanover entered the war the next year (when?)- so it seems they held on to their troops - how many? and where? In the unoccupied part? There would be no fighting till March anyway, so it looks like in effect there was not much more "peace" then there would have been otherwise.

I kind of wonder if this treaty should be a choice for the Prussian player - it looks more like an "oh shit" moment for Frederic, not something he would have chosen. It looks like the effects should be limited to letting the French occupy a part of Hanover (the country), with garrisons in towns (which?). I think the French would be inactive for several turns (unless attacked), due to the fact that they reached their target, and due to reorganisations needed. The Hanoverian army would be locked in the remaining towns. This part of Hanover would be neutral, unpassable to both sides (Or maybe not - Frederic feared for his west flank). A second event (a big rise in Prussian morale? A battle with a big Prusian morale gain?) would unlock the Hanoverian troops again.

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Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:29 pm

The main problem in the current version of the game is that there is no such thing as a separate Prussian and Hannoverian morale...

I believe the treaty and quite a few other things could be helped when we 'convert' the game into multifaction play...

In the meanwhile defining the triggers for the event, the levels, the conditions for duration and end, need quite a bit of extra thought... but we are on te right way I guess :cool:

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Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:03 pm

Thanks, Bertram.

I have been looking into the event files and started trying to understand the game code since BOA. I didn't know about script files in the map folder.

Early version of NPC had some event problems so I checked event which I suspected of them not firing (no message in the ledger) like the French activation in GC.

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