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Some thoughts about Espana version 1.02 RC1

Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:33 pm

Hi Miguel,
I have played the great campaign against the republican AI with the last patch 1.02 RC1.
I have really enjoyed my game and I have noticed a few things.

1. I confirm that there are 2 leaders called Solchaga with the same statistics.
2. I have not seen any general (or colonel) Moscardo in the great campaign until june 1938, but this officer is present in the Ebro scenario.
3. I have found a bug with the event "Get italian destroyers" : it appears a first time, you can play it and get the destroyers. Then, it appears a second time, but you can't get any boats anymore.
4. I have accumulated a huge number of engagement points : in june 1938, I have 731 EP. There is no real shortage of EP in the game for the nationalists (according to me). Maybe could you reduce the number of EP given to the nationalists ??
5. When you press F7 or F6 (I don't remember), you can see the enemy relative ground combat power of the enemy. I have noted that the relative combat power of the republican was around 50% of the nationalist combat power (it was even 34% in june 1938) during my game. When I look at the Ebro scenario which starts in june 1938, the relative combat power of the republicans is far much greater. Is the AI really building all the units that it should buy during the great campaign ? It seems very weak in front of Franco's army.
6. The AI succeeds in creating a front in the north, but it doesn't succeed in creating a front elsewhere : Madrid is held with a good force, but there is not a continuous front from Madrid to the mediterranean coast.
7. The AI doesn't use well the bombardment decision : it strikes empty regions very often.
8. There is no report of the republican AI using the convoy RGD in the sea box.
9. The AI plays some RGD rising its national morale at the start of the great campaign, but it lets its morale dropping very quickly later without playing these specific RGD again.
10. The description of the decision "Get more rail equipments" is still false : the nationalist gets only half the amount of rail points and the cost displayed is wrong.
11. When I press the shift key passing the mouse on a RGD card, some descriptions of the effects of the cards are not complete : mainly all the RGD relative to air power (bombardment, night attack, air superiority, air defense,...).
12. I have discovered that the unit could move during harsh weather without readiness losses. Is it intended ? I played with historical attrition.

I'm very impressed by all the work done and this game is really interesting. Thanks for all your work.

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Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:29 pm

Regarding the above, I think there needs to also be a separate PBEM balanced version of the campaign game. I think a lot is built into the Republican side to give the AI a chance. But in a PBEM game typically the Republicans will have twice the combat power of the Nationalists. On specific items:

1. confirm there are two Solchaga's
10. confirm that the Nationalists only get half (100) rail points when they play this event instead of the 200 listed
Additionally, it seems the game withdraws 100 money from the Nationalists when the Frecce Nere and Frecce Azure enter, even though the description just shows EP cost.

I do hope this game gets some love. It is one of my favorites, but it doesn't seem to have priority for polishing. Ideally, it could be re-released as Espana 2 using the updated EAW engine.

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Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:29 pm

Thanks Gribeauval and elxaime.
There are some bugs to be fixed indeed. Moscardó should appear if you release Toledo before October 36.
Many things can be improved yes, and i will, but i need time. I'm stockpiling all this thing in order to work on them. Is good to me having this kind of reports to get an input of things that need my attention.
Most of AI issues are Pocus terrain.
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Fri May 08, 2015 7:56 am

Leibstandarte wrote:My time is very limted right now, buy i will work fixing the issues detected. Easy things can be done.

So ingame no dilemna about Zaragoza for the republican. Players say it's the road to always follow, but historically it was forbidden.
Some work for modders.

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