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Event modding for province transfer

Fri Nov 20, 2015 9:25 pm

I've just tried my hand at making my first event for PON - the event fired but did nothing. It's in a Russia game where I just signed peace with the Ottomans in 1856, demanded Kars and Constanza for peace, which they accepted, but I didnt receive them! So I thought, why not try to make an event to transfer those lands to me, after all I modded Vicky and various other Paradox games many times in the past, how hard could it be?

The syntax for the events is completely different in this game though. What did I do wrong with this? Also, where are the evt_txt and evt_desc located? Can't seem to find em.


SelectFaction = RUS
SelectRegion = $Petersburg

StartEvent = evt_nam_RUS_RussianExpansion|1|2|evt_txt_RUS_RussianExpansion|Event-img_RUS_Caucasus1855|$Ichkeria|NULL

MinDate = 1856/06/01
MaxDate = 1856/08/01
Probability = 100

DescEvent = evt_desc_RUS_RussianExpansion_A

SelectRegion = $Kars
ChangeRgnOwner = RUS
ChangeLoyaltyFac = 25

SelectRegion = $Dobrudja
ChangeRgnOwner = RUS
ChangeLoyaltyFac = 25



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