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wish some interface improve

Fri Jun 01, 2012 7:10 am

hello guys! I very love your game, and I have one suggestion. it is not very useful, but it is just to add some atmosphere.

my wish is to see what was an uniform of opposing enemy during a battle. I mean in the battle report window when we point cursor on a unit box, appears little black box with info. and I'd like this appears with a soldier or general icon.


and approximately I wish to be

You know, I always can see my own forces, to see all their colored coats. but I cannot see enymies (for sure I always use fog of war), I cannot remember all colors and generals, and I cannot imagine who oppose me in the bloodie battle. thats a pity... :-)

and when I fight as russian or austrian, You know, the enemy has so many diffrent units with beutiful diffrent uniforms...

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