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Changes in event files not working

Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:32 pm

Hello all,
I'm trying to make changes in the events files, but whenever i make changes;

A. They don't work.
B. The military options screen(f3) is gone/become inactive.

Even simple changes in the PrussianAllianceForcePools_Campaign file, like for instance, change the number ChangeUnitPool = $uni_PRU_Gar0;5 to ChangeUnitPool = $uni_PRU_Gar0;6 will have this effect.

Same if i change those numbers for the costs or rewards;
ChgFacEngagementPts = -5
ChangeMoneyPool = -12
ChangeWSUPool = -8
ChangeConscriptPool = -4
Remplacement = PRU;$famElite;2
in the "ROP Options Replacements" file.

Anyone knows help me what causes this and how i solve this?

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