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Looking for a Union Player-CW2

Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:51 am

-1.04 Standard Steam Patch
-Willing to host or let other player be Host
-Me as the CSA
-My Timezone is US Pacific Time

Hello, me and old Merlin will be playing an AAR game on the Paradox Forums OT once 1.05 comes out, and I would like to get some practice in beforehand. While I am not new and have many PBEM's under my belt I am a bit rusty and would like to get some practice in before putting my reputation on the line.
Current Russian player in the third Paradox OT Forums Mass AAR.

Former Ottoman Player in the first Paradox Forums TEAW Mass Multiplayer AAR. Victor of Tripoli, Tyr, and Xanthi. Defender of the Holy Cities of Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medinah. Conqueror of Kuwait and Kitchener. Bane of the British and Sword of the House of Osman.

Militant confederate in my spare time. :neener:

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