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Field of Glory: Empires patch 1.05 is out!

Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:19 pm

Dear players,

Patch 1.05 is out (since a few days even!) and should be fully compatible with 1.04 while rounding a few rough edges of it (1.04 was rather big)

Version 1.0.5 (October 4th - 2019)
(save game compatibility: see at end of patch notes)

GAMEPLAY (improvements and fixes)
- Fix to population growth penalty occurring in all regions
- City garrisons revised and improved in diversity
- Fix to resource cap being applied before upkeep
- In balanced difficulty, players don't pay extra upkeep from veteran units or rare units (with Money Increase Cost)
- Max stockpiling of metal increased by 50%

- AI Dogpiling against player reduced a lot in balanced difficulty (easier game)

- Dynamic route coloring option (see the Options Window to activate it)
- Supply overlay: Seas adjacent to a friendly coast show in blue
- Fixed legacy from regional culture being overreported in UI for AIs
- Show top legacy producing buildings in wonders tooltip on legacy panel
- Added sort by Human Players to Faction, CDR, and Legacy ledger pages

- Elephants can now be recruited more easily (in particular by PTO)
- Roman Fort can now only be built by Roman
- Rome Civil War: less chance and longer delay between two in balanced difficulty
- Rome early legion & Alae quality slightly lowered when exported to FOG II

Various adjustments
- Rome: Tiberus: +1 Random Commerce Building Campania: +1 Random Culture Building
- Campania (Rome): + Market
- Initial equipment stockpile: 80>105
- Sparta: +Harbour + Flax Field +1 Citizen - Laconia has now an iron resource
- Syracusae: + Crafter District
- Saguntum: + Random Commerce Structure
- Armenia: +Market
- Byzantion: +Crafter District
- Carthage: +2 Citizens, + Random Commerce Structure
- Oea (Leptis Magna): +1 Citizen
- Septa: +2 Desertic Slaves
- Epirus: +3 Populations, +2 Random buildings, +Farm (in mountains), +Harbour
- Nestus (Lysimachos): +2 Hellenic Citizens, +1 Balkanic Citizen, Walls
- Orcadia (Celtic Indep.): +Cult Site
- Dacia: +1 Citizen, +1 Slave
- Dacia & Getea can now recruit Balkanic skirmishers
- (Reminder: Dacia can still recruit slingers, but you need to conquer Agrianes)
- Dacia starts with 4 Balkanic skirmishers and no Thracian slingers
- Getae starts with 4 medium infantries and 4 skirmishers
- Byzantion can recruit Thracian slingers
- (Reminder: Macedonia can recruit them at CL 3)
- Seleucids: Babylonia: Paved Road Carmania: Oil Mill Uxia: Marble Mattianus: Road
- Antigonos: Osroena: +Potter's Workshop - Market + 1 Random Commerce Building

Compatibility notes 1.04 to 1.05

100% compatible
Compatibility notes 1.03 to 1.05
- This patch is mostly compatible with ongoing games, with a few things to know and understand:
(1) Because objectives can now be given dynamically, they will be all reset when you start your turn (without token losses!). They will then be added progressively each turn, often with variations compared to your previous allocation.
(2) Because there is now a new rule slowing down regions which were underpopulated historically, you might see a large slowdown in growth in your most populated regions.
(3) The option ‘no dynamic burden’, which was never used (from our internal poll) has been replaced by the ‘quick game’ option. If you were playing with ‘no admin burden’, then you are now playing a quick game. But chances you were not …

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