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Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:23 pm

Im sure this question must have been approached earlier. But i have to ask, how does the AI/Game think about giving out Objectives? There is making no sense for me as Rome to conquer Massilia a few turns in the game?

Shouldn't the objectives follow a little for historical/ahistorical approach. For example "Conquer Samnium" or "Conquer Tarentum" would be much much better choices if ask me, but what do i know.

Is this something adressed in the new patch?

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Re: Objectives?!

Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:14 pm

For the first 50 turns they are scripted. Now this varies by nation. For the smaller ones, its basically a ring around your starting region(s). Others roughly reflect historical interests. Rome and the Antiochids have 'tracks', so basically if Rome pushes into N Italy/Gaul first you get the Gallic track, if you go across the Adriatic, you get the Greek track.

There was a little bit of early game balancing here, you'll see that some weaker factions have relatively easier access to their first cluster of objectives whereas one of the major powers may have to reach a bit further (that is why Rome doesn't get central Italy - but you have other scripted incentives there).

At T50, they become 'dynamic'. You'll find they become a bit like a trail of crumbs leading from where you are currently making gains or at war. They also get removed, for eg in my current game I had one in Massilia, a few turns later I made an alliance with them and it was removed and allocated somewhere else.

If you shift direction, those will start to be removed and replaced. Now as you can get into some pretty remote wars via alliances, you may find some of these are a trifle hard to achieve. Don't worry peace out, and over time it'll be removed and replaced with something else.

But this, for eg, means an Antiochid player who gets into masses of silly wars with remote powers is going to get caught out when that is also where their objectives are.

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Re: Objectives?!

Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:00 pm

Ah, ok i understand!

Much interesting and providing information, my hat is off for that :cwboy:
I'm at turn 47 now as Rome, i have created my first "Province" or what's it called ITALIA SUPERIOR.
And now i have conquered Corsica and making my way to the border of Massilia. And im also about to take Samnium out, and from there go down all the way down to the boot of Italy.
The Punic War is about to begin :dada:

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