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Why remove soldier count?!

Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:38 pm

As the question says, why have you removed the option of seeing how many men, horses etc you have in an army.
From playing AJE, RUS,ROP and so on. It was SUCH an immersion to check how many men you had in your army.

Is this something that you deliberatly removed or have you talked about implementing it again?

Must be more people than me who miss that tiny, but GREAT feature.

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Re: Why remove soldier count?!

Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:36 am

When we basically restarted from zero with the Archon engine (compared to the older AGE engine), there was so much to do that some things had to be left out (in addition to features we wanted to changes). This feature is nice, and might make it one day, but was judged secondary compared to others.

Now if you manage to gather enough player support, it might convince everyone in the team it is important and must be a priority feature ;)

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Re: Why remove soldier count?!

Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:22 am

When I saw BOA, I objected to the abstraction of hits versus real world resources. It was the legacy of BG.

People intuitively think of things they know. For the ancient world 50,000 was a big army. An army of 100,000 - 200,00 was one of the largest ever fielded. (like the Persians)

Besides lower global population in that day ... perhaps the world contained 200M people. One of my professors said an ancient army of 50,000 moving across the land was the equivalent of a traveling city. Supply was a major issue, making an extended camp a major problem in itself.

Pocus, yes I do believe abstraction is a bad thing for non-BG gamers. I think this is part of the reason Imperator got burned bad on initial release. It emphasized abstraction. Even Johan is quoted on this.

Desktop computing is now about 30 years old. Many players know nothing of BG, but for a few games such as chess and monopoly.

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Re: Why remove soldier count?!

Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:56 pm

Ok! I certainly do understand when making a game, not talking about a whole new engine from scratch. Somethings must be prioritized before others.

But basically you are saying the such a feature "could" be implemeted?

Because i think i am not the only one out there that miss that little but great feature which in my book increased immersion and the general feeling of the game in general.

Hmm, so why don't we start a poll then? And see how many people who wants this feature back :)
Because in the other Field of Glory games when you battle it out you can see how many soldiers there are in each formation on the battlefield.

So up with the poll and let the people decide! :) :dada:

And thank you so very much for a great great game! You are currently spearheading the grand-strategy front, especially when in comes to Roman and antiquity.

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