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Detailed Battle Report etc.

Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:38 am

It took a while, but now I think I start to get an understanding how the game is put together, and how you are supposed to play it. And I like it alot. But I did need help the from Forums, Youtube and from other ageod-manuals (Thirty years War etc.) . I´m definitly going to buy more titles in the ageod-series.
A few thing is still bothering me though. Don´t think it´s that important but when you invest time to learn a game you also want to know about the small details.

One thing is the Detailed Battle Report. At the top you see the overall result with Hits (Harts) and Cohesion (Dots) loss, but then below, each unit also have individual hits and cohesion loss. Why doesn´t the numbers add up? The individual numbers are much higher.

Engagement Points, "Producing cities are marked with a golden coin" (Thirty years War manual). Is there a way to know how much each city produce? If there is a difference.

When it comes to modding, how do I for example change the misspelled Region name Eskiltuna -> Eskilstuna? Tried editing the name in various files but with no result.

For upcoming patches ? I noted that at the start of the Great Nothern war scenario, the northern part of the map is green (as in summer). If you look at 1709 scenario, it´s white as it should be.

I would like to share som graphically changed Regions (names edited, Bergsgladen -> Bergslagen, Gastrikland -> Gästrikland, Kollackann -> wrong name and location, erased), but I don´t seem to be allowed to upload, can I mail them to some moderator?

I also would like to give some tips myself, which I found useful.
-Increase zoom-level ; Edit line (ZoomIn = 175 // closest view) in Display.opt file (..\WSS\Settings\ ) (175 is my value).
Helps you see all those important icons around the cities.
-Set Tooltip Delay to something other than None, in Options. Found it very stressful when I first started the game to see the popup-text jumping around when I moved the mouse.

Hopefully someone can answer something :)

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Re: Detailed Battle Report etc.

Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:13 am

I will not answer all that you post, but maybe a bit. AGEOD games are rich, but they do demand some uncovering of the not so obvious stuff.
I do hope a player who pays attention to detailed stuff jumps onto your post as I mostly just play by ear.
Experiment with the overlays as they show most of the information you seek.
In battle reports, know there are different numbers representing different things. All number do not equate across all reports. It took me a long time to learn map reports, battle reports and strength reports use different numbers

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Re: Detailed Battle Report etc.

Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:28 am

I eventually figured out about the Hearts and the Dots of individual units. They are of course Remanining Hits and Cohesion after combat.
Compared it to TYW where they have the same numbers but also list losses within ( ). Wish WOS had the same.
TYW also adds the words Inflicted and Loss, after the word Total. Maybe something for WOS aswell, as the numbers switch sides between the Battle window and the Detailed Battle window.

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