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WOS Thoughts

Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:40 am

I am into a couple of PBEM but just wanted to offer some observations on WOS.

First, this is a great game and great design - one of AGEOD's best IMO. They have a supply and reinforcement system that forces players to discard their preconceptions and truly grasp why the Wars of the early Age of Reason were fought the way they were.

First, on supply. Great choice to use the TYW "carry as you go" system. One of the things you learn early on is that you HAVE to consider logistics above all. If you take too large an army into a region that cannot support it, if you neglect to lay in enough supply wagons, then your army will waste away. You may take the objective but you will be left with severely depleted forces if you didn't provide enough supply.

Second, on replacements. The armies of this period were regular troops by an large, royal ancien regime type armies. This was before the landsturm and levee en masse. The troops are well-disciplined, but it takes time to refill the ranks after a major battle or if you make the mistake of letting them get attrition.

Weather and terrain. Again, very well done. After a year or two of play you realize why everyone hunkered down for the snows. And why it was considered madness to march large hosts into wild areas.

So lots of positives.

My only wish is that AGEOD continues to polish the game. It is already very well done. But you still have missing string code messages popping up in the message windows. And the manual leaves too many things to mystery (e.g. how treasure fleet works, more information on how the blockade and commerce wars at sea are supposed to function).

But again, bravo and well done.

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