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Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:39 pm

Hey guys
Rivers played very important role in pre and early industrial warfare. They were channels of communication, supply routes and were ussed for transporting troops ( especially siege trains)
Important fortreses like Maastricht, Azov, Tzaritzin or Torun (Thorn), guarded key waterways.
During war of spanish succesin Marloborough was launching some key operation staying close to river valleys to keep his troops suplied ( he did it during his 1705 invasion of France.

Ageod engine managed to represent importance of rivers its games. WIA with rivers and lakes conecting british collonies with canada is perfect example. Playing French and Indian War scenario one can see how riverine transport can save or destroy supply situation of troops or allow rapid deployment of additional forces.
Civil War II with its enormous importance of Missippi river as highway to invade or defend souther state is another example.
On the other hand in AJE or BOR rivers are not that important.

I guess that massive armies of Spanish Succesion wont be transported with river ships yet i guess there should be some way to show how impornat they were for supllying troops.

My question is how will the game aproach river issues?
As WIA example shows even with the simple supply system one can reflect the importance of rivers.
How will it be done in Wars of Succesion?

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Re: Rivers

Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:41 am

For what I have seen the system is very similar to WIA but don't forget that despite your remarks, the engine will also take into account the fact that the land in Europe is not 18th North America, much richer, therefore AGE will probably look more for local land supply (and looting) than in WIA.

This is a good point though that should be evaluated by the Beta team

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Re: Rivers

Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:37 am

I did raise this issue several times in the preparation of NCP2 : Key fortresses, be it because they control river crossings or access to mountain passes have to be properly implemented so that the seige heavy warfare of the era is well represented. Even key battles at the time took place where they did because one force was besieging a fortress and had to face a relief army coming to the rescue à la Fontenoy : Fortresses working as they did in previous games would work quite as well. Owning a city should allow much easier crossing of rivers for example (If you own Maastricht, the Meuse can be crossed as quickly as a minor river in terms of speed and combat penalties instead of a major river for example).

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