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1.02 Bgd Lecchi and Pol. Lancers making generals inactive

Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:11 am


Using a fresh steam install of WON 1.02a I've encountered a weird problem with the Brigade Lecchi and the Polish lancers where they take away divisional command of generals and turn them inactive. The problem is present in both the January and August 1805 starts at least, have not yet tested others.

Bgd. Lecchi starts in a division with Gen. Mortier (who is inactive) and Bgd. Huin. When I split the unit Mortier has the gold band underneath showing he has divisional command and the option to remove divisional command is active. I can not recombine the general and the 2 brigades (I can form a new division with Huin and other bridgades). When I merge Mortier with just the Bgd. Lecchi and then split them again he has lost his divisional command (name no longer in gold, option te remove division command is inactive). I then tried with Gen. Savary, who is active. When I form a division with him, merge him with Bgd. Lecchi and then split them again he has lost his divisional command and he has become inactive. When I combine the Bgd. Lecchi with an active general without giving divisional command the general also becomes inactive. I also noticed that upon merging a general with Bgd Lecchi the general's picture on the stack on the map changes to that of Mortier.

The same things happen with the Polish Lancers, except that they don't change the general's picture on the map.

Other units I've tried with so far behave normally but obviously I have not tested all French units on map.

I have provided a save file where I tested with Bgd. Lecchi, the "before merging" file should show Mortier with Div. command and Savary active, the "after merging file" is after I merged Lecchi and Mortier, then split them again and then merged Lecchi with Savary.

I hope this proves useful.


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