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How to play single-player Russia without breaking the AI?

Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:35 pm

I begin an AAR playing Russia from January 1805 on another forum. What would your tips and advice be not to break the AI too much?

I am pondering the following moves:

1) Do we go straight for Napoleon and ally ourselves with Great Britain to join the Coaliton?
2) Do we pursue a bash-the-Ottomans-first policy, to claim Constantinople, free our Slav brethens, and seek to open the Bosphorus?
3) Do we pursue a bash-Sweden-first policy, to beat the crap out of Gustaf IV Adolf and conquer Finland?
4) Do we pursue a bash-the-Krauts-policy first, going against Prussia to conquer liberate the rest of Poland and claim Warsaw?

Would doing any of the above any break the AI? I do intend to play within reasonable limits, according to my in-game objectives. :dada:

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