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British Fleet Questions - Mechanics

Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:29 pm

With experience playing CV2 and reading strategy material from that game; I have made a few assumptions about the British Naval Strategy and Game Mechanic during my first game of WON and I would appreciate advice from the community on the following questions:

Commerce Box & Trade Boxes
I have made the assumption that the locked fleets in the various Trade Boxes are adequate enough for those boxes and all other unlocked "Merchantman". "IndiaMan", "Privateers" and excess "Transports" should be in the Commerce Box instead. Is this assumption overlooking something?

I expect if I have an Army on the mainland that I should move some Transports to that area's Trade Box to improve the supply transfer to those land units?

Would "Merchantman". "IndiaMan" and "Privateers" in the Trade Box also improve the supply transfer to units in that area or just Transports do that?

Does having Transports in the Trade Boxes also transfer supplies to my Fleets in that area?

Blockade Box
I have the assumption that the more Naval Strength Points I have in the Blockade Box (regardless of type) adds to a global blockade % of the French economy and that all ships not performing other duties should spend their spare time in the Blockade Box. Is this correct?

I also assume the impact on the French economy from the Blockade Box is likely minor and that the Blockade Box is a secondary priority for my Fleets. Is this correct?

Brown Water Blockades
Does WON have the same Brown Water Blockade mechanic as in CV2, is the use of the Blockade Box or doing Brown Water Blockades mostly personal preference and of equal economic value?

If I do blockade some French ports with a fleet outside of it; which Ports would have the greatest impact on the French economy?

I greatly appreciate for any tips or mechanic explanations that you are able to provide!

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Re: British Fleet Questions - Mechanics

Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:32 am

Blockade Box
Like in CW2, up to a certain amount you really do impact the global blockade, but I think you do reach diminishing returns. Having never played pbem as Britain, I am inferring from other powers.

Brown Water Blockade
Brown Water Blockade is slightly different. You will see the 'sufficient units to blockade' note. But your close blockade might intercept blockade runners if the French player uses that card.

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Re: British Fleet Questions - Mechanics

Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:12 pm

My understanding is that yes the trade areas/circles do help to transport supplies to your army via ports under your control.

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Re: British Fleet Questions - Mechanics

Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:05 am

*gasp* I missed this one. Actually I forgot it :siffle:

The Trade and Commerce Boxes work the same way the Shipping Boxes work in CW2, except the Trade Boxes (Circles) are limited in their influence to their respective areas, noted in the tool-tips of each Trade Box. So they allow for moving supplies as well a generating income.

The tool-tips also state that you require an "overall marine superiority". I'm not sure, but probably only combat elements in the Trade Boxes are counted, and how binary the calculation is, I don't know. If it works like in CW2, enemy combat ships reduce income. The more enemy ships, the greater the reduction.

I'm not sure if there's any advantage of Commerce Box over Trade Boxes. Maybe just a question of putting all your eggs in one basket. ROE probably does play a role though too.

Blockade Box probably works pretty much the same as in CW2. Using it is a question of strategy, so no simple answers.

Brown Water Blockading works the same as in CW2 AFAIK. You'd have to look at what is in a city to see what impact it might have. Also check for multiple exit-points.

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