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The Teutonic Knights ride against the Russian Horde

Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:14 am

This is a Central Powers full campaign. Hopefully it turns out well.

Germany chose the Moltke plan, and Austria the Conrad Plan. As it happened, the French went with Plan 13, meaning they will remain on the defensive, suiting the CP very well. We expect static lines in the west from Thionville to Mulhouse. The French can remain behind the Maginot line and we will enjoy the comforts of the Siegfried line. The Russians have chosen the Kaiser plan, so we expect attacks into Prussia. Happily, this is where Germany will be deploying it's assault forces.

Immediate options included Kaiser's Gold, Goeben/Breslau, and 3rd Boer War, since the UK immediately declared war alongside of France. We chose to implement all of these strategems. We also chose to build munitions plants in Potsdam and Magdeburg. A major diplomat was sent to the Ottoman Empire, and minor ones to Bulgaria and Romania. This left us at -8 EP, from a start of 18 EP so we'll see how this leaves us later on.

In the west, XIV and XV ArmeeKorps were moved south from Colmar to Mulhouse to begin entrenching there. Likewise, II and III BayKorps were moved from Saarbourge to Morhange. KoniglischeWurtemburg Armee marched out of Metz to Lorraine - they will be made into a regular army once theatre operations are implemented in this sector. Hopefully they will march to support Metz in the case of attack. Maybe this means their entrenchments will suffer, I don't know, but I am moving them here for the beginnings of a secondary line. Their command structure is at 24/22, but I'm not altering it at this time. As replacements, XIII-AK march to Metz from Thionville. Also, IV Kavallerie is ordered to redeploy to Wehlau, north of Konigsberg and assume offensive operations in northern Russia. Apparently their deployment orders were mishandled in July... This cost 16 RailPoints.


The naval detachments in Wilhelmshaven were consolidated into one fleet under Friedrich von Ingersohl and sent to protect our shipping in the Baltic, with a naval combat power of 10,260. UBoote fleet commanded by Ernest von Tiechler sent to harass enemy shipping in the Atlantic. Flottentrosse command given to von Hipper and ordered to remain in Wilhelmshaven. Similarly, detachments in Kiel were consolidated under Heinrich von Preussen and also ordered into the Baltic.

In Prussia, an offensive by 1 and 2 Armee was launched against Rennenkampf's Russian arny in Wladislavov, out of Gumbinnen. IIKavellerie ordered into Taurogen, and II and III ArmeeKorps into Suwalki to support flanks.

From Konigsberg, II Kavallerie (which must be renamed...) sent north into Dorbiany, to be joined by I Kavallerie-Division. I, XVII, and XX AK marched south to Tannenburg Forest to protect against incursions by the Russians there. I ReserveKorps moved to Allenstein from Elbing.


On the Austrian front, 8 and 12 AK marched into Sniatyn from Czernowitz. Zloczow was occupied by 14 and 9 AK. 7 AK moved north from Pzresmyl to Jaroslaw.

In Serbia, ArmeegruppeKrummer took rails from Zagreb. They are ordered to set up defensive emplacements in Zvornik, provided they can arrive in time. This cost 16 RP and will take roughly 27 days with no delay. Potiorek's 6th Army is ordered to threaten Belgrade at Fort Zemun. XV AK is ordered into Vukovar.

With the remainder of our rail capacity, we redployed Austrian balloons to NoviSad and Sarajevo, and ErkStauffel 2 to Czernowitz.

AuXKreuzer, SMS Konigsberg, and SMS Karlsruhe were ordered to make sail from their positions in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to port in Windhoek.

Thus our orders for early August 1914 were brought to an end.

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Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:06 am

German 1-Armee retreated before battle. Perhaps I forgot to change his stance to offensive? However, 2-Armee engaged and defeated Rennenkampf, as you can see below.


It seems that the evil genius Radomir Putnik attempted to pre-emptively capture Fort Zemun before Potiorek could arrive, but was thwarted in his dastardly designs on the arrival of 6-Armee, who soundly thrashed him, amazingly enough. As you can see, this means that Putnik's forces have lost any entrenchment values they may have had in Belgrade, should Potiorek choose to capitalize on his momentum and assault the city. Hmmm, what to do? What to do?


Germany shipped it's gold to the Kaiser and the Goebben and Breslau arrived safely. Unfortunately, our negotiators got drunk in Windhoek instead of inciting the Boers into revolt in South Africa... Well, we ran out of EP, apparently. The operation remains available to us for a future date, though we will not be able to implement it this month. The enemy has convinced Japan to join them, through the Anglo-Japan Treaty! Ah, sooooo...

Since we forgot last turn, we now print state funds in both Germany and Austria. Neutral parties stand as follows: Ottomans 89%, USA 86%, Bulgaria 60%, Greece 49%, Italy 45%, and Romania 43%. The enemy have ambassadors in Greece and Romania. Germany, France, Britain, and Russia all appoint new generals, and all the enemy save Serbia and Japan are printing state funds. Also, it seems Luxembourg has lost it's capital? with what appears to be the Dutch flag.

In other news, SMS Nurnberg sank some enemy shipping in the Grand Pacific. SMS Dresden nimbly retreated from battle with the British and made port in Windhoek. Due to incompetence, IV-Kav remained in Thionville, enjoying french wine, instead of riding the train to Wehlau. Heads will roll!

But not the head of Otto von Emmich, leader of X-AK, who brilliantly supported 2-Army's attack on Rennenkampf. von Emmich, on learning of the retreat of von Kluck, rode terrifyingly into battle at the head of his corps, screaming wildly as he brandished a flaming sword at the perfidious russian defilers of blond prussian milkmaids, before returning to his bivouac outside Gumbinnen where he treated his brave forces to a nice game of badminton. He shall receive a letter of commendation from the Kaiser himself! Look at him! To have a ferocious moustache and a full head of hair at age sixty is no small accomplishment!


To begin, von Moltke sends a strongly worded dispatch to the commander of IV-Kavallerie ordering him to immediately board train along with all of his horses and all of his men and ride said train all the way to the recently captured Russian town of Wladislavov, only stopping at Colmar in order to pick up III Kavallerie. He also orders all Kavellerie to change their names to G-KAV-01, G-KAV-02, etc, for German cavalry, and A-KAV for Austrian. G-KAV-02a is then renamed G-KAV-01, and G-KAV-02b is shortened to G-KAV-02! Some more shuffling of troops occurs in the west: XIV-AK to Mulhouse, I BayKorps to Morhange.

In the north, G-KAV-1/2 are ordered to exploit their gains and press on into Latvia. G-ARMY-1/2 are ordered against Rennenkampf again in Kowno - in fact, all remaining troops in Gumbinnen are ordered to attack Kowno, excepting the garrison and a lone leaderless infantry division, and GardeKorps whose job it will be to conquer the countryside in Wladislavov and make sure the arriving Kav corps do not lose their way again. From Suwalki, II and III AK will advance into Olita and Augustowo, respectively.

As depicted below in a watercolor commissioned by Frau Mussengesheissen von Arseschplatter, Allenstein and Masuren were occupied to guard against incursion by the Russian 2nd Army. Max von Hausser's 3rd Army and subordinates held fast in Thorn, across the Weschsel from the strong Russian NV Army. "Dig schneller!" bellowed von Haussen, "Von Moltke don't think it be like it is, but it do!" Luckily, the message detailing this tirade is intercepted by Paul von Hindenburg, who decides to move his 8th Army south to Ostrau because he knows very well that it do be what it is!


Further south, the Austrians hold to their most eastern positions. All Krakau troops are ordered to attack Kielce. All Przesmyl troops are ordered to attack Zamosc. Lemberg's 3rd Army attacks Dubno, with support from 9 and 14 AK advancing into Kremenetz.

In Serbia, Potiorek holds to Fort Zemun, but orders his subordinate 15th AK to attack Belgrade, perhaps convincing Putnik he is being pursued and tricking him into running away! The 16th enters Zemun to support. The intrepid sailors of the 1st Donau Division, in their souped-up river gunboat, the Koros, lob rotten potatos from the Sava Confluent at Serbian troops.

Colonial troops in OstAfrica advance on British West Africa, which never really works, but what the heck!

The Austrian Reserve cavalry is ordered to Vukovar, and the first mobilized German reserve divisions are ordered to assemble in Posen. Air assets in Mainz are flown to Saarbreucken. The Asian Fleet is consolidated in the South Pacific. All available German merchant vessels take to the Baltic.

Thus ends orders for late August 1914.
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Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:06 am

Nice! A CP aar!

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Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:07 pm

Good luck!
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Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:36 am

Thanks, fellas.

Early September 1914

Admiral Maximillien von Spee, in command of Asian Fleet, is attacked by British Admiral Sir John Jellicoe. The german navy is sent to the bottom of the South Pacific in entirety, but for a single lifeboat which carries von Spee to safety. In the company of only a fullgrown Bengal tiger, which the SMS Dresden had been carying as a gift from the King of China to his friend the Kaiser, von Spee somehow washes up, injured, on the coast of Togo, some 10,000 miles from the site of battle. Von Spee holes up in Lome to begin his memoirs and work out mathematical constructs of trigonometry in his convalesence. Learning of his location, the British blockade Togo, intent on preventing advanced mathematics reaching the mainland, where it could be used in better determining artillery firing arcs.

Air battles occur in Baltic Shipping and Memel Point. [BTW, the air battle popup reports are poorly done. You cant tell what happened without manually adding things up. Simply adding the text from the message box into this screen would be better.]


On land, many battles rage. Some victories, some defeats. The Russian armies ignore the battle offered at Thorn and move toward Ostrau, because it be like it do. The Rus 2nd army moves against Masuren and beyond toward the heart of Prussia! Max von Prittwitz und Gaffren is twice defeated near Ostrau, but congratulated on his victories! A commendation is prepared but he and his army are nowhere to be found! Captured, perhaps killed? The Kaiser instead considers allowing his family to add another town to their Vons. Von Prittwitz und Gaffren und Ostrau has a nice ring...

Friedrich von Scholtz is promoted to *** general. August von Mackensen is promoted to ***

Belgrade is taken as the Serbians opt for a more southern attack into Austria. The Serb Uzice Army pushes into Zvornik! Armeegruppe Kummer losses half it's infantry!


State funds was denied in both Austria and Germany. The shipment of ink from Africa was delayed. France enacts concessions to combat it's rebellious population, which stands at 22%. Austria has 10%. With EP at +4, Germany and Austria both re-attempt state funds printing.

Ottomans are leaning to 97% CP, Bulgaria 62%, Romania 45%, USA 90%, Italy 50%.

National Morale stands at 98. The enemy establish a Neutrals Blockade.

In the west, the Armee Francaise gathers in Briey, the largest single force of fighting men the world has ever seen. Generals von Wurtemberg and von Preussen watch fretfully from their entrenchments, awaiting the french assault on Metz and Thionville. Further south the french lines thin. An apparent gap appears in Belfort on the swiss border but no orders come to advance.


The Russian advance into West Prussia is worrisome. Bismarck is ordered to withdraw to Glogau, if possible, to be reinforced by G-KAV-3, to be diverted, and the newly mobilized XXIII-RK (reserve-korps) from Frankfurt. G-KAV-4 and some reserve divisions will make toward Breslau, though it is expected to fall. The forces in Thorn will move to Posen to confront the Russians, while troops currently in Allenstein take up their old positions.

Our mobilized north sea armies and all available reserve units are railed to Glogau.


Meanwhile, our advance into northern Russia will be stalled as 2nd Army shells Kowno. 1st Army will pull back to Konigsberg with the bulk of forces to push back the Russian incursion, while II/III-AK advance around Grodno, hoping to cause the Russian offensives to have second thoughts.

All Russian armies will find their communications sabotaged, thanks to Herr Hoffman!


In Serbia, Belgrade is occupied and Armeegruppe Kummer is ordered to withdraw to Banja Luka.

The Austrians move towards Brest and Lublin, with 1st Army and accompanying corps advancing to cut off the Russian offensive in west prussia.

SEE BELOW(too many attachments for this post)

Germany begins production of 8 medium artillery and 6 infantry units.

So ends orders from high command for early September 1914.

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Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:39 am

First, the planned offensive into Poland.


Late September 1914

Herr Hoffman put the kibosh on the Russian offensive. Russian troops were static as the German armies maneuvered. AfrikaKorps suffered a minor setback, retreating before a superior force, thoguh casualty rates greatly favored our troops. In Serbia, the Putnik counter-attack was amazingly succesful. Potiorek was decimated and Belgrade was lost! This battle has impacted the National Morale (-3)!


State funds printed in Germany and Austria. Ambassadors are re-dispatched to the Boers in South Africa, hopefully to incite them to revolt. Ottomans 100%, USA 89%, Bulgaria 64%, Romania 45%, Italy 50%.

In West Prussia, Hindenberg will assault the russian 8th army in Ostrau, having reformed his forces with reserve units from across west germany. A second force will support on the right flank. Hausser's 3rd army is out of communication, apparently. No communications are reaching him that we are aware of, and so we expect him to hold firm in Posen.

Von Kluck and corps will attack the Russian 2nd army in East prussia. 1st Army will continue to shell Kowno. Scouts are sent to shadow Rennenkampf as he makes a move toward our cavalry in the north.

In Serbia, Potiorek will attempt to hold the line in Zemun. Nothing can be done about the Uzice Army threatening Sarajevo. Austria lacks troops in this sector! In Poland, however, an attack is ordered into Podolia by 5th army. The other army groups in Poland will attempt to push on the best they may.

AfrikaKorps is ordered to rest in Dar es Salaam, and the North Fleet ordered to seek out the russian navy and send it to Davy Jones' Locker!

Austria begins to call up 6 infantry and 2 medium artillery units.

End orders for Late September 1914.

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Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:06 pm

Yushal, are you going to continue? Now that I have a lot of extra time, I was hoping it would.
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