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Removing NM balancing in MP games

Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:29 pm

CP loses something like 20NM in 1916 due to Franz Jospeh and the Czechs, this needs to be compensated by an early lead in 1914-1915.
I usually get a lead of 10-15 NM by late 1915 and i am prepared for the losses of 1916.
However, ever since NM balancing came, my lead is less than 5NM, twice or even thrice my opponents have got free NM esp. the WE which has too many events already to increase NM.
Please advise how to disable this function in MP games, totally weakens CP.
As all a WE player has to do is build and build and then do all out assaults regardless of WIN/LOSS.. Already WE gets "Front-Loaded" manpower from the British unlike the "Real War" where British manpower kicked in only from 1916 onward. This NM balancing is proving bad.

Basically, the game has a huge flaw, which my opponent is exploiting excellently.
I have sent the last 3 turns, he attacks, loses NM, keeps attacking, loses more NM and men and then gains 5NM each turn due to balancing and ends up with more NM than he starts.
The problem is both sides start doing it, War is over in 1915 for CP. I really request the admins to do something. Both "Phils" and "Altaris" please see and advise.
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Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:11 am

My opponent has some reduction in NM that I observed in late 1916, but some RGD such as gas and unlock fort artillery seems as useless with low effect that they seem to effect NM too much.

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