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Engagement points in v102

Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:31 pm

I have another request for the v102 : it's about the number of EP, at least for the nationalist side.

The nationalists should earn 10/11 EP per turn (at the beginning of the great campaign). They use up to 9 EP very easily each turn to buy the marocan and legion units. But the number of EP increases a lot and very quickly.

I don't understand how it is possible.

i remember clearly that an event called "convoy of victory" arises at the beginning of the game. This turn, I have gained a great quantity of EP, but I had bought at least three legion/marocco units at 3 EP each (that makes -9EP) and 10EP-9EP should have given an increase of 1 EP.

I suspect that there could be a mistake in the military options : when the player buys a legion unit, instead of spending 3 EP, he gains 3 EP.

Could you check these events please ? i'm not sure and i don't want to waste your time. But the number of EP increases quicker than +10EP per turn.


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