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Rail Pool costs/benefits mislabeled

Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:39 am

I should say first that I love this game.

I noticed while playing the Nationalists, that the Political Option (F4) includes "Recomplete the Rail Pool." The costs listed are $100 and 50 WS, and it says you will get 200 Rail Points. In fact, though, when you do the option the costs and benefits are much different--they appear to be exactly half of these values: $50 and 25 WS for 100 Rail Points.

I think the smaller value options are an improvement over the higher ones, incidentally, but the game should advertise the correct values, otherwise the player will be fooled the first time and wait much longer than necessary to get (very much needed) extra rail points.

(This is a bit off topic, but here is a suggestion for the rail pool option: have a smaller value option, like $50/25 WS for 100 RP and a higher cost option that gives you more RP, such as $100/50 WS for 250 RP. Absolutely nothing is wrong with having only one option, but have two that differ like this forces a strategic choice on the player, which may make things a bit more interesting. Just an idea.)

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