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CSA leader tweaks 0.9 WIP

Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:23 pm

Have been trying to fix the CSA leadership problems regarding army command and regional/district/independent command, based on historical record and taking game balance in consideration.
Added potentially promotable *** leaders like Forrest and Cleburne, more potential ** promotions suitable for independent commands.
Stats and abilities revised to more accurately depict the leaders in question, few leaders gained the militiaman ability to balance the game and for historical accuracy to lead the local forces of the CSA.
All leaders have their own folder that contain the mdl.files

Feedback from veterans welcome, if you want to try these at game double check the mdl.files for typos as these are WIP, also remember to delete the cache files from your models and units folders.
CSA leader tweaks
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Re: CSA leader tweaks 0.9 WIP

Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:46 pm

Not a veteran (far from it), but wanted to say "thanks" for a nice immersion mod. For those who think it might be a pure CSA buff, well, it's not. Yes, some generals get new abilities, but not all are positive. A nice mix of plus and minus which adds to their personalities.

The only issue is there's something going on with PGT Beauregard. Once you delete the cache files, his fort-related ability shows up as an error (text and icon). This is true even when i reverted the .mdl file back to vanilla. Maybe it's related to the fact that he's scripted in-game to leap from SC to VA, but anything other than the vanilla cache file generates the error.

All is not lost however. If you open up the "Models.Cached" file with a good text editor (preferably Notepad++) and go to line 249, look for the following text sequence: "NULL&0|36|" and change it to "NULL&49|36|"

That will revert his abilities back to the vanilla set, and the error will disappear. This works for new or save games.

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Re: CSA leader tweaks 0.9 WIP

Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:23 pm

This is an exellence mod! And i hope you continue work with it.
Me myself got a little irritated that Generals like McCulloch wasn´t promotable to a ** in the regular game,
since he was about to be promoted that could have been in the game.
You don´t see Stonewall disappear or lose ***-**-* stars because of his accidental death i 1863.

So keep up the good work! :dada: :)

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