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A Campaign using the new version against the AI.

Fri May 08, 2015 4:47 am

I just finished a full campaign I have been playing against the AI since the release of the new upgrade. Overall I agree that the new upgrade brought many improvements. However, it does seem now that the AI has gone from being rather rash to being overly conservative. I played the North and the computer, as many found, would send Johnson and Beuregard on a charge towards Cleveland, typically getting bogged down southwest of Pittsburgh. And a reinforced McDowell could use this opportunity to fight his way into Richmond.

Now the system appears to be ultra conservative. Just as soon, as the Union makes a threat to Fredericksburg, the Confederacy retreats back into Richmond and hardly moves. Just one attempted end around by a Jackson corp which Meade was able to cut off forcing him back into the capital. Getting bored and not yet being able to relieve McDowell with Grant who was chasing an undefeated Albert Johnson, I broke off a corp under Kearney and sent it marching all the way to take Charleston without the Confederacy following. I thought for sure Jackson would break out and follow. I got adventuresome and ventured out of Norfolk, under Whipple??? again no response from the confederacy.

By game end, Grant had taken Memphis, Vicksburg and linked up with Ord who had secured New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Sherman had taken Mobile. Rosecrans had taken Atlanta. McCord Little Rock... every objective was mine except Richmond and that gave me a solid victory, but you would think that eventually the Confederacy would have to make a reasonable gamble and venture part of its force out from its capital.

I applaud the improvements in this version, but I think a middle ground on the risk/conservative straregies would improve the game further.


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Mon May 11, 2015 8:27 am


There will be a patch soon to address the AI issue, the problem has been identified. Thanks for the feedback though!

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