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Bombarding Passing Ships

Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:21 pm

This is a question that i just started to think about. Any stack with artillery that i have next to a river, iv been clicking to bombard any ships that pass by. My question is do i necessarily want to do this. For example, i have a force with some artillery dug in at New Orleans. If a big fleet passes by i am fairly certain i will do some damage but more than likely i wont sink any ships. My concern is that if a fleet comes in and lands an army at New Orleans, will me bombarding the ships tire my artillery out and make them lose cohesion and take damage before the army lands and attacks. Is it more beneficial for me to wait to open up fire for when they land? I am sure that if the fleet is set to bombard land then my artillery with automatically fire back when fired upon. However, being fairly certain my opponent will want to sail green/green to avoid the artillery from the forts that protect New Orleans then i don't have to worry about being bombarded when the fleet reaches New Orleans. I guess another questions is ................. does being on green/green and evade prevent a fleet from bombarding land units?

And if all this is the case then i guess in strategic areas you think your opponent might land you would keep bombardment off.

Guys, what are your thoughts on this?

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Re: Bombarding Passing Ships

Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:28 am

For artillery to bombard a passing fleet, the fleet must move through two water regions that are next to the land region with the artillery. So I am not even sure that a fleet moving straight into the river next to NO would qualify as "passing".

A group of shore batteries can do up to 50 points of damage to passing ships. That's why we decided to split the 2 guns in a coastal fort, so that each would have a chance to pound the fleet. They can take up to 25 points of damage from a fleet bombardment. The Passive/Passive Evade Combat settings are not a given. As I pointed out elsewhere, Hide, Detection and Evasion game mechanics determine whether these actually work. Just as an army of 50k+ probably won't sneak by somewhere, so an invasion fleet probably won't either.
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Re: Bombarding Passing Ships

Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:51 am

Actually the DAR (Double Adjacency Rule) says "two adjacent regions", they do not both have to be water regions.

For example, if the South controls the Annapolis region and has a stack in that region, which can bombard, and the North controls Baltimore, if the North sails a fleet from the Baltimore harbor into the Chesapeake Head coastal waters region, upon the northern fleet reaching Chesapeake Head, the DAR takes affect, and the fleet can be bombarded. If the fleet later moves back into the Baltimore harbor, the DAR will again be in effect.
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