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(OUTDATED, CLOSED) BOR beta patch 1.02b RC1 available

Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:58 pm

Hi all

A new version of BOR public beta patch 1.02b (RC1, for Release candidate 1) is now available:


The list of changes (in yellow the novelties since last beta):


- improvements in AI processing time
- several fixes and improvements to AI agents
- improvements in how unit combat strength is calculated
- improvements in the way decisions work and how AI uses them, specially in sieges

- Removal of the Build Fort and Raze Fort buttons (these orders cannot be issued in AJE)


Samnite War scenario
- Rule Sudden Death turned ON
- Small fix to event Conquest of Central Italy
- Fix to Pontius Minor appearance (only if Egnatius is dead)
- Improve conditions for Samnite AI be able to call Umbrians and Senones

FPW264 and FPW256 scenarios:
- Option to sell prisoners added for both factions
- No replacements for Carthage mercenaries
- Only one Italiot mercenary unit available for recruitment in options (ie, this option will not reappear)
- Correction to CAR Naval Trade Income event bug
- Correction to text errors in the Tanit Gift and Carthage port options texts
- correction to Postumius Flaminem Mars event (the consul will go alone to Rome, fixed for 3 turns)

FPW264 scenario:
- Carthaginian army fixed in Africa. Will be unfixed if Carthage declares war to Numidians or in the event of a Roman Africa Invasion
- Improvements to SPQ AI reaction to loss of Sicily
- Corvus option will disappear if not taken and Caius Duilius is no longer consul

PYR280 Scenario:
- Fix to Trouble in Epirus and Macedonia event (Pyrrhus now leaves alone but leaves his army behind led by Megacles)
- Fix to Fall of Agrigentum event (Sosistratus will go alone to Syracusae)
- Light Infantry ITL Replacements at start fixed.
- Display Issue for Carthage at War Event fixed


- NavalBase will speed up ShipRepair/ShipBuild (10 % more than Ports).
- Heavy Warships require Port with level 5 or more to be built.
- [color="#FFFF00"]Fix to Entrencher ability
- 3 New MapAlea added (SandStorm, Heat Wave and Mosquitoes)[/color]


As always, although we don't expect issues, we can't rule them out completely. If you prefer to wait for an official patch, then don't download and install this file. In principle this patch is save compatible with games started with the previous version.

Our plans are to release the official 1.02b mid or late July, in preparation for the release of the Parthian expansion. We would like some more feedback (negative or positive :) ) before, of course...

Enjoy :thumbsup:

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Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:46 pm


Due to an error in compiling this beta patch, some unintended results may occur if you try to play one of the AJE scenarios via BOR. Until the official release, if you want to play AJE scenarios with 1.02b beta, do it via your AJE installation, please.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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