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A few noob questions

Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:22 pm

Hello all,

I have a few newbie questions that I'd appreciate if you could help with (I read manual several times and this forum):

1. The manual says that naval ships will give supply to troops in neighboring land tile. This has been contradicted in several places. Does anyone know if they actually do?
2. How is supply calculated with a moving unit? Is it by day? For example, if I start in a region with 10 supply and at day 15 I move to a region with 20 supply, will I grab one half of the 10 supply and one half of the 20 supply? Or is supply like replacement where its generated the first day only.
3. The manual states that loyalty >51% in regions with no units will slowly increase military control. I have not once seen this to be the case, but was wondering if the manual is wrong or I'm missing something.
4. Are any of the development decisions worth it, even in long scenarios? Trading money for development seems bad, but not sure.
5. What is the best use of cavalry? I know heavy cavalry can charge, so I believe they are good in combat units, but for light cavalry I've been using them to grab MC ahead of my main forces to try and slow down the enemy. Any other suggestions?
6. Is detection calculated every day? For example, let's say I have a unit in a region set to offensive with no move planned. If there is a currently hidden enemy unit in the region, is there a chance during any of the days in the turn for him to appear and fight my unit because of my offensive stance? Or because he was hidden on day 1, he is hidden the entire turn?


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Re: A few noob questions

Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:24 am

1. Ships do this this if you control a depot or adjacent port.

2, Turn end. Supply is calculated upon where you spend the last turn.

3. It does actually increase this way, it is slow to do so. A none militia unit speeds the process.

4. Yes. But they are mostly scenario dependent. Usually structures and roads, And yes, but only if you have money.

5. I do not know. I am not very experimental with cavalry, they just join the main mass.

6. Detection is much like zone of control in other games. It is proximity only and continues on the thirty day play, unless your force is moving.

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Re: A few noob questions

Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:00 pm

specific to #1 there is one trick worth knowing.

usually fleets carry far more supply than they need (this is common in the AGE games), so what you can do is send supply wagons to the fleet - they will replenish and then back to your army the turn later. Its a bit slow but effective and can be crucial if you are campaigning in a supply poor area or trying to besiege an island fortress.

#5 cavalry, a good use for lights is grabbing MC, get them into the green/attack stance as this will speed up doing this and minimise the risk if they are caught. Really nasty tricks are to use them to cut MC your opponent needs to take supply (the one province rule) and generally to molest unescorted supply wagons. Both make your opponent increase the allocation of forces to protecting their supply lines but only really work in the areas of large land mass (so not that useful say in Italy)

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