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Another Minor Victory grumble

Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:50 pm

O'K, Caesar vs. Pompey, so I have 25 turns to go and every region that accessible is owned by Caesar and every enemy unit is dead.

So I hit next turn 25 times (at little boring, ya think!) to get to the Minor Victory!

I've read the older threads and know the the failure is not achieving a win by NM, but REALLY... when there is nothing the player can do to better the result, there are no new regions to move into, no enemy to battle, how about a little love for the player? :love:

At least cut to the result screen, and better yet, reconsider what constitutes victory.....

Had a wonderful gaming experience, right up to the that point; why not make a very small fix to keep the player happy? :blink:

Just Saying..... :bonk: :wacko: :(

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