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Prince of Persia ?, sure it's not me

Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:36 am

Colony Egypt didn't exist (an old overlooking) in Colonies file (still looking where is placed the result of the.xls file to correct it in the setup or saves, nope :( ), so I tested to see if the test worked with Persia- you know, the Anglo-German 1907 understanding, and the subsequent occupation of Persia - in future we could condition it to Kabul neutrality - or get another approach, remove interest of both british and Russians for kabul (we have a ChgObjective, but I am not sure we have a command to remove them, but Kabul can be set to zero, ad some more revolt and disloyalty be triggered

So is here an attempt,

[color="#FF0000"]seems I tested too many things at a time[/color], and also went to other AI trying to
- correct their endgame economic unbalances (they maximize profit, VP, running a maximum of electric parts, cars and airplanes, but don't ensure its perennity)
(British, did which is good, but fail to ensure a balanced economy so they could do it on several turns, British would have starved from coal and minerals in 1 or 2 turns, while they had huge unneeded surplus of supply and steel ) - Germans didn't optimize railroads (damn, huge coal+steel+manufactured goods +mechanical parts producing areas need to build a RR2 when available) and lacked minerals too - and neither they nor japanese built any shipyards nor ships) - some mechanical parts/manufactured goods adjustment needed too
- save HUGE invisible sometimes armies were starving (some, is said, into unexplored invisible areas - I took the AI nations, wasn't just a Changefaction, so I should have known the areas, unlesss unexplored - how they could get them in the first place is a mystery for me - especially germans (with no transport) - problems with explorers eliminated ? OK but how did they went there in first place - so maybe system didn't like me to tinker with system in those areas

so by F2 I tried to rapatriate them into visible and supplied land, possible system didn't like that - also i found american trade ships starving, or unable to join a port or french ones blocked in full ocean

[color="#FF0000"]so here it is, if someone else can test it isolately and tell me if he gets the same insults (too many occurences ..) and what is wrong in the script - if any

SelectFaction = $CMN
SelectRegion = $Tehran
StartEvent = evt_nam_Anglo_Russian_Persia_Understanding|1|2|NULL|NULL|$Tehran|NULL

EvalIsAtPeaceWith = GBR
EvalIsAtPeaceWith = RUS // is case for both
MinDate = 1909/01/01
MaxDate = 1919/12/31
Probability = 100


SelectFaction = $PER
SetColStatusArea = $Colony_Persia;$colProtectorate
SetColStatus = $Tehran;$colProtectorate

AddDiploItem = GBR;$diDefensiveTreaty;CURRENT // Russians already have one
SetSOIVals = GBR;$Colony_Persia;3
SetSOIVals = RUS;$Colony_Persia;2
SetSOIVals = TUR;$Colony_Persia;1

SelectFaction = $RUS

SelectRegion = $Tehran
ChangeRgnOwner = PER
SetName = velikyeKnyaz Rezidentura
SetColonialPen = 50

SelectRegion = $Tabriz
ChangeRgnOwner = PER
SetColonialPen = 50

SelectRegion = $Rasht
ChangeRgnOwner = PER
SetColonialPen = 50

SelectRegion = $Ardebil
ChangeRgnOwner = PER
SetColonialPen = 50

SelectRegion = $Kerman
ChangeRgnOwner = PER
SetColonialPen = 50

SelectFaction = $GBR

ChgObjective = $Abadan;5 // is normally the same spelling as in objective sct

SelectRegion = $Abadan
ChangeRgnOwner = PER
SetColonialPen = 50

SelectRegion = $Busheir // there are others areas, but is just for testing, thanks
ChangeRgnOwner = PER
SetColonialPen = 50

[color="#FF0000"]- (ordnance) Your Lordship, sorry to awake you, but The french are at our door !

- Alarm, alarm, how did you let this happen and not awake me ! repel them, counterattack at once !

- err, your Lordship, ahem... French are our allies, Marshal de St Arnaud is expected to attend to a conference with you !

- ahem, well, .... very well ..let them in !

(charge of the light brigade movie)

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