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Infinite Manpower bug

Thu May 17, 2012 3:27 pm

Hello there. I spotted a quite important bug in RoP. This is replicable first turn in a new game, so I will not post any save.

- Open a new scenario. Say the 1759 campaign, as Prussia.
- Open the building menu
- Create two units in the same region. For instance, depot units in Magdeburg
- Close the Building Menu
- Create a brigade with the leader Loen, and put those 2 depot units in his brigade.
- Open the building menu
- Create anything else, in our example a militia. You will see that the MP of the 2 depot units is PAID back, but the units are still there.
- Close the building menu
- Process the turn and see that you keep the MP.

That's a fairly big bug, but easy to home-rule if the players are honest. Unfortunately, in my game against Loki100, I know I used it without knowing it when creating Light Units at the beginning in Königsberg.

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