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JDT vs Longhairedlout

Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:20 pm

turn 11

jdt usa : 124pts
longhair csa : 76 pts

jdt csa : 91 pts
longhair usa : 99 pts
"We shall give them the bayonet." -Stonewall at Fredericksburg.

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Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:02 pm

Turn 13

JDT (USA) 147, Longhairedlout (CSA) : 93

Longhairedlout (USA) 121, JDT (CSA) : 109

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Sunny, warm love

Thu Oct 01, 2009 7:43 pm

The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all. hate the sun. Very annoying. Ah, I do not say is the world's most stubborn cold boys. I admit, but so what, I simply do not care what other people think in their own image, even if I hate them despise me, and told me what effect it! I am just doing their real, unlike some people, extremely hypocritical, their total out the positive side, and then their own shortcomings and bad all buried. For example, that two days warm Li 2 classes. I hate Li warm, just hate the sun. I am a school sports team, every afternoon all the training, running, move the bar, or playing basketball, and every time one end of the training, Lee will be as warm as tainted candy, handed me a bottle of mineral water , And then use sugar as the voice of the Tian Ni said that his elder brother, tired, right? He Koushui rest. Then they will be teammates jokingly said that hey, I envy you have such a warm sister ah, we have the good fortune will not be so. Or your sister is more good results and bar, considerate people. To hear that case, to see Lee as the warm-red face, really makes people sick. Even more offensive is that every day after school, she Pidianpidian be with me in the back. Are from small to large. That guy on the air dead Bai always rely on adhesion to me, where I go, like where she, like Gen Pichong. More heinous, and so we have to go to school, she was always around like a ghost in my life. I still deeply remember the fifth grade that year, the top ten students in schools commentary, her publicity photos, as well as information on our classes attached to the outside of the classroom, and then we vigorously promote the class teacher in class, as we all know Lee's warm outside the top ten candidates for the information, right? That the warm Li, Li Dongyang class students is our sister, I can not see such a good sister, brother, sister and even how not as good as, poor academic performance was so far off? The words so that 11-year-old man in front of his class in the face Diujin will never be engraved in my mind, never be a Mo Budiao. Is the night. I always do in the hubbub of the night unable to sleep. Our family is on the road, every night you can hear the vehicle driving fast on the asphalt road voice, pleasant to the ear noise. From the body upon in the window, watching the street lights. This is not the night of the city at night, or even 100 times more than during the day but also noisy. Moonlight far been the subject of ridicule in the city howling, disco strong pace through the air seems to be shaking the whole city. I like the night, like hiding in the dark corners of a person's life. Some people say that I am eccentric, I would say that the lack of sun-like warmth, are more gossip and nonsense a 9 and 8. There's too much sun during the day, in every corner of the city as both a bright, including those dark corners. Some things can not drying in the sun, once exposed, it will show itself, to show the real side. As this city of insomnia at night, flashing neon blurred, the United States was incredible, but once the arrival of dawn, the sun beyond the horizon, everything to restore true. Noisy at night in those children who choose to sleep, some people yawn again and again to go to school to go to work. There are high-rise buildings, busy, people hurried footsteps, as the livelihood of non-stop bustle. Sky has already lost the first luminous blue, replaced by the misty gray. No longer be able to find large group of large corporations white clouds, and even the air, mixed with methanol, and other unpleasant smell. This is a real small town, even at night and then get up seductive, a touch of sunshine will be drying out the real side. I can not accept such a cruel city, had no choice but to love the night, the night of love fantasy blurred, although a lot of people at night is still heavy wore a mask, said some of the duplicity of words, to hide their true essence of this. "Brother, do you sleep?" Her voice carefully. I whispered as soon as possible to return to the light foot on the bed, Niuxiang side, eyes closed. After a moment of silence, she heard only crept into the past, despite a slight movement, but I was still caught the small voice. It seems that the drawer was opened, this girl out, which I will not steal things, right? Think of here, I suddenly sat up in, you do not go to bed late at night I go to the room why? 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She quickly pushed the drawer back, looked flustered, replied haltingly, cool evening, I ... you ... I do not Gaibei Zi. To hear this reason that I really want to laugh out so bad reasons, this will work out for her loss. I first went out. She saw the face of the red-hot as the sun, dropped a word, fell to run out. I set off blankets, get out of bed to see if there was not anything less. Opened a drawer, they saw a small Music Box, and a pink letter. What made this bad girl, what a nerve. Open face with the smell of letterheads, nose feel a little uncomfortable. Seems to be - the taste of sunflower. Brother, a happy birthday. I was stunned. The words written prominently in the front row, is somewhat naive style, color pen in the painted edge of the beautiful color. It turned out that today was my birthday. The irony is that even I have forgotten. Brother, in fact, in a signed letter, I contradiction for a long time, like you want to call my dear brother, just to see you are afraid to call such a letter would tear to pieces. I called your brother as usual, even though I know you hate is the sister warm. You said you hate the warmth of the sun, I can be, but deeply in love with it. I wish I could be as good as the sun, the distribution of light shining on you - I love the family friend - who. Brother, perhaps, you do not know, we always have a home we do not know the secret. Accurate, only one person you do not know. As a matter of fact. . . I am not your sister. That afternoon, in front of the parents, they overhear the conversation, I also could not believe how I had not the parents of children from the orphanage where they actually get back. At that moment, my heart is really broken. In the past the past, I always think of themselves as the world's most well-being of children, there is pain I love my parents, there is a great sport to play basketball cool brother. However, until I know that does not belong to this family, all my happiness and joy, all the dissipation. I am the biological parents had abandoned me, because I was not that they can look forward to the boy's family line. I do not know, whether it's a boy or a girl, not all parents who dropped a piece of meat it? The sky was blue, out of all of a sudden a big Duo Duo big black cloud, I covered the world, my world began to clatter clatter it to you to rain. On that day, the only time I did not go home with you. This is because I do not know how to deal with you, my "brother." Classmates said that the warm, oh, your brother is great! I am always very proud to head up, and then said that my brother is the world's best. However, I do not know if it can proudly talking about his own brother, because you are not my brother pro. To know the truth of that night, I cried for a long time, like a lot. In a rare quiet night, I could not calm. Finally, I was a very strong and tell myself, I am a member of the family, not only have the same blood, is a family ah. So, my brother, allow me to, but also so affectionately called your brother. Father and mother said to me the warm named in the hope that I will always live in a warm way. However, I hope to give my love and those I love, warmth unlimited. A lot of things, the sun's exposure, will issue a good look at the shiny, as if a small water, the refraction of sunlight through, it will distribute a gorgeous rainbow of colors. I know that my brother did not like during the day, but the city during the day, but also beautiful. The warmth of the sun on the land of the people, our dark mood to disperse one by one. Brother, let me into your heart good, I accept the good sister. I imagine the sun to dry, wet weather was wet clothes, dried my brother to help all of the bad mood, as well as those moldy sad memory.

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