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Too many issues with Forcepool

Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:40 am


currently playing the GC as Japan ( 1878 so far ) I'm having many different issues regarding the Japanese force pool (I already wrote a topic about it earlier ). Of course, I'm well aware that there will never be a new patch for the game but if someone with better scripting abilities than myself could give some insights in order to solve some of these problems I'd be very grateful !

1) Japanese forces do not upgrade properly after tech fires : My infantry and naval units on map never ever upgraded after several techs have already been discovered. In fact, I've been heavily funding research and have researched all possible Land and naval techs up to 1880 (so I have nothing left to research in these fields at the moment ) and still no luck ! Before you ask me, I have plenty of replacement chits, units in passive posture in a province with depots and naval bases for the ships.

I've had wooden battleships and srew driven ones for years alongside Ironclads but the old ones do not Upgrade ! Same for my infantry corps : I have 1850 infantry corps mixed with brand new 1870 ones.

Note that my artillery had no problem upgrading and is up to date, so that problem only concerns infantry and naval units.

Strange thing is that although I have about 8 infantry guards units on map, when I look at the buildable units in the forcepool it tells me that I only have 2 on map and can still build 4 more out of 6 maximum !!

2) Forcepool mismatch : While my buildable infantry corps are of the 1870/90 model, my buildable infantry divisions and brigades are still of the 1850/70 model : clearly, part of the forcepool was not updated after I got the researcch, only the corps are up to date.

3) Forcepool refreshes every turn : maybe this is linked to the previous bug because everytime I build an Infantry division or brigade (not corp) then next turn the forcepool replenishes. For exemple, If I build 2 divisions out of a total of 6, next turn I'm still able to build 6 divisions and it says I have 0 on map ! Besides, once displayed on the map these units pics change to the 1870 model but revert back to showing the 1850 model when I open the unit panel ! (and the elements inside still have the 1850 stats).

Field arty and siege arty behave normally but I have the same problem with Japanese heavy artillery : pool replenishes every turn, unit does not show any picture. The strange thing is that, looking in the units file, Japanese should only have1880 model available as heavy Arty (using howitzer type 3 as unit elements ) but these units labelled as "heavy artillery" in my forcepool have the same stats as my other siege arty and use howitzer type 2.

4) Some units seem to be missing : Looking closely at the Units available to japan in the gamedata folder it seems that I should be able to build 1870 moutain brigades but I have none of this kind of units in my force pool. Guess it's linked to the fact that my forcepool for divisions and brigades stayed at the 1850 level even after researching the techs. Besides I noted that the number of infantry brigades I'm able to build never increased (still 6 of each kind, same as in 1850) with the exception of the fortress units wich by the way are the only ones with the 1870 model.

Likewise, I finished researching all the naval techs for the time period, including monitors and steel ships but I'm still not able to build any new kind of ship after the Ironclad frigates and ironclad battleships. When looking at these techs it says that I should be able to build several new units but no luck ! Yokohama and Nagasaki both have naval bases level 15+ and shipyards. Is it too early yet for japan?

All these issues are really annoying and I'd like to find a way to correct them if possible. In a previous game as France I never encountered such problems. Maybe this is linked to the order of tech progression but I'm not sure. As Japan, early, there is not much to do and one of the only way to spend state funds is to fund research. I did it heavily and did not research everything in the usual order. For exemple, I finished steel ships a few turn before I got Ironclad frigates. Same with land techs !

Thanks for your help,


PS : I found a way to update my infantry corps by tweeking the savegame and now all my infantry corps are of the 1870 model. However, they're still not counted as being on the map : When I look at my force pool it still says I only have two Guard infantry on the map when I now have 8 !!

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Re: Too many issues with Forcepool

Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:51 am


I was finally able to solve part of the problems I had. I made an event for Japan using the command lines found in RITemplateArmy for the breech loaded rifle tech and next turn my infantry units both on map and in the fprce pool were properly updated ! But why the event did not fire correctly the first time (since I finished that research a few years ago already ) is still a mystery to me!!

As for naval units and heavy artillery units, the problem is more complex : I tried to make an events using such commands as " ChangeUnitType = $uni_JAP_War1;$uni_JAP_War2;InFP;OnMap " but to no avail !
Fed up, I decided to have a look in the savegame and discovered something really strange : while my warship squadrons include the right elements ( wooden battleships ) the unit itself is mislabeled as being a Dreadnought unit ( the unit has the ID 5074 instead of ID 5046 ). Same for my wooden frigates squadron which are labeled in the savegame as being cruisers!

In short, the game considers that I have dreadnought squadrons and cruisers squadrons made of wooden sailing ships !! And that is why the command to change War1 into War2 or Frg1 into Frg2 does not work since the game does not see my units as being wooden frigates or battleships ! But, the strange thing is that even if I amend the save files with the correct ID then as soon as I run a turn the units revert to being considered as Dreadnoughts or cruisers again !!

It's pretty much the same problem for my heavy artillery : They include the same elements as my 1880 siege artillery but are labeled as 1915 heavy artillery when on the map and this might be why the force pool keeps refreshing telling me there are no 1890 heavy artillery on the map !

I have no clues how to correct these last problems since even amending the save does not correct anything ! (I wonder if this is not linked to some techs making some units obsolete so the game refuses to properly label them or change them into obsolete units......not really sure about that though ).

Hope this might be of help to anybody having the same kind of problems. I find myself that all these bugs with the force pool and units are highly annoying but, in my case are not really game breaking : I'll have to scrap my wooden sailing ships in the next two years anyway and I'll try to not abuse with my 1915 Heavy artillery for the moment.



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Re: Too many issues with Forcepool

Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:03 pm

Hello. That is interesting. I may play Japan next (will take a long time before I do). Have you checked the VGN/GameData/Units and Units_prev folders? I found a few files with inaccuracies in the unit definitions. Perhaps the same for you? So that in the save you find the newer unit; maybe that newer unit has some incorrect data in its particular .uni file, causing it to just display incorrectly?

Questions about your work in save games. How much have you been able to decipher from them? And do you use an editor to do so?

I'm trying to figure out why regions are (all!!!) blocked for an emergent faction. The screen starts each turn completely black, and I'm not able to for example play regional decisions on them (RevealTI console command does not fix that).

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Re: Too many issues with Forcepool

Mon Sep 07, 2020 10:04 pm

I'm new to the game but thought I'd mention this as I'd just read this page in the manual.

"Japan must build
a new modern army and fleet – the traditional Units do not upgrade and are useful mainly for garrison and
police duty"

Could there be a flag against Japanese units that prohibits them from upgrading?

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Re: Too many issues with Forcepool

Sat Sep 12, 2020 10:50 pm

Bateman1982 wrote:Hello,
Could there be a flag against Japanese units that prohibits them from upgrading?

Nope - feudal units are just in their own class, which doesn't upgrade to regulars.

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Re: Too many issues with Forcepool

Mon Nov 30, 2020 3:40 pm

As Japan I just purchase new "modernized" divisions well in preparation of the eventual Boshin War, and I either disband the feudal units or use them as expendable auxilliaries or garrisons.

Also, warships do not magically upgrade. Like in real life, you have to buy new ones and scrap the old ones.

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