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Warscore issue

Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:57 pm

I have a problem with warscore as Germany in a 1880 start campaign.

I declared war on holland and proceeded to smash there European army.
I am occupying all of holland.
Problem is after the warscore reaches 102 it stopped going up.
Up until this point I gained 5/turn from holding the capital, but it just stopped.
So I landed some forces in Borneo and am occupying all of Borneo now.
I noticed that all farms, buildings and coaling stations in Borneo got destroyed the moment I took the province that had any buildings in it.
My warscore did not move, the only noteable change was that this lowered the warscore cost for claiming Borneo in a peace treaty from 176 to 170.

How can I ever claim Borneo with no way of rising warscore?

How can I possibly gain more warscore from here on out?

I read on this forum that warscore should keep rising as long as I hold the capital bit that is not so.
And this isn’t the first game where I am running into this problem.
This can’t possibly be working as intended or can it?
If anyone can give me a hint, I would greatly appreciate it.
This happens in a pbem as well in solo games.
I don’t really know of this is a bug or not either.
Any help is greatly welcome

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