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Wow...this is a great game

Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:35 pm

Having been a critic of the dreadful state of this game system at release, I feel it is important for me to let you all know how great I am begining to discover that this game is. There is some really wonderful potential in the game which is begining to be realised thanks to some hard work on behalf of the Ageod may just be that having reversed history in 1918 I am just feeling smug....but the game is working well for me now and the more I get to understand it,..... the better I like it.

Vive Ageod!

Tally ho! you chaps...... TALLY HO!

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Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:52 pm

Don't hesitate to say that on different websites, that will help us much ;)

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Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:51 am

wow, my first post :wacko:

Oh man this is good news. I read that the game was seriously bugged, so i didnt buy it back then. Now i think i will. :-) How nice that Ageod is fixing stuff!

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Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:48 pm

I'll buy it too just after the big enhanced patch will be released. :)

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