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Option AI memory

Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:54 pm

After enjoying a few PBEM games of ROP and BOR, and loving BOA and NCP, I decided to buy the other AGEOD games now that they are relatively cheap: and I discovered a 'SALE' on the AGEOD web-shop that I didn't see announced anywhere. Only about 16+ Euro per game!

So I bought RUS, ACW and WW1.

I will probably take quite a while before I get to play these games, but I did sniff at them for a bit.

WW1 did give me a CTD during the first try of the tutorial, when I selected an army.

I then tried the option disabling AI memory, after which the game appeared to be stable during the tutorial.
But I have no idea what this option means. Just saw somewhere on the forum the suggestion to use it when you only have 2GB of RAM.

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