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1781 Cornwallis Scenario 'Southern Finale'

Mon Jun 21, 2021 5:00 pm

This scenario starts in March of 1781. I wish it started at the end of 1780 when the villainous traitor Benedict Arnold sailed to Virginia to set up a naval base at Norfolk. Arnold was very ambitious, wanting to strike at the heart of Virginia but the British command ordered him first to establish a base at Norfolk, and only then, if possible, to raid the interior. Arnold knew if he garrisoned a base at Norfolk he would not have enough troops to move inland, so he first made a daring raid on Richmond in January of 1781. Also, the British ended up at Portsmouth because the Americans burned Norfolk to the ground after the British abandoned it back in '75 or '76, wanting to deny the British a naval base, so on the map Norfolk shouldn't be a level 4 city. When General Phillips arrives he landed at Portsmouth, reinforcing Arnold when he was being attacked by Virginia militia.

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