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Fallen Timbers - Tough Scenario Both Ways - Advice?

Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:34 pm

Hi... I just finished playing Fallen Timbers scenario both ways. I found it to be a very tough, but entertaining little scenario. I couldn't beat it from either side.

First, I played as the USA. Seemed like the Indians were everywhere I wasn't! Once the Anthony Wayne steamroller showed up, I captured every Indian settlement/objective, but still managed to lose by about 100 VP's. Seemed like St. Clair was locked for the longest time and I lost a lot of ground early. I could quibble a bit over the victory conditions, since I clearly "won" the war in the broadest strategic sense, but according to how it's set up, I lost fair and square.

But, then I switched around and played the Indians and still got thumped by about 100 points! I got a bunch of the southern objectives early and pretty much laid waste to the southern area, but I didn't seem to get that many VP's. A few USA militia units then "backdoored" me capturing a few of my northern Indian bases. Although I recovered and Anthony Wayne never showed up, I still lost substantially.

I'm wondering what I missing strategically with this scenario. Seemed like the computer always knew how to maximize it's take of VP's. Plus, as the Indians eventually destroy all the strategic objectives, they start disappearing wholesale from the list of possible locations to win points.

Anyway, has anyone played this one lately, and how did you win? Were you able to win and from which side?

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Re: Fallen Timbers - Tough Scenario Both Ways - Advice?

Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:17 am

AGEOD victory conditions are often a bit of a challenge. They take a bit of getting used to. But when you finally achieve a victory, you will feel justified.

Part of your challenge is that all scenarios involving Native Americans as a faction kind of change what happens with objectives and with earning victory points, as you observed.

My main observation is that if this is your first play of this scenario and you only lost by 100 point each side, you are doing really well. You just need to manage you losses. AGEOD games follow the idea that there are territorial objectives for sure, but the enemy army is a true objective: additionally, keeping your own forces healthy and hearty is a bonus.

With the Native American scenarios, make sure you protect the objective cities you own and secure the ones you capture with a regular, not militia, unit.

As to particular strategy, I cannot help too much as I usually play pbem or both side against myself, so I know little about how AI plays. Nevertheless, hope the above is useful.

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