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Fort Frontenac suggestion

Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:53 am

I noticed that key fort's deep into the frontier have fur stores that can be captured bringing victory points. Should not Frontenac have such stores as well? Should Frontenac also have a depot signifying a large cache of supplies and a goods away from the front line area to refit troops? Frontenac was a vital fort on the fort chain between Montreal and Niagara that supplied the Ohio country and between michilimackinac and Montreal. It was also a vital line of communication for all the fort chains. It is also said when Frontenac was captured during a surprise raid by Bradstreet, the British seized a large cache of supplies and furs that were of great value.

If Frontenac has such stores it would force the French to consider the large VP loss as well as a vital depot ending up in the hands of the British as a staging front to an assault on Montreal. It will also force France to be more aware to keep their Ontario fleet vigilant to cut off access to the fort.

A small addition but it would add another element to the battle for control of the lakes.

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