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American Revolution War strategies?

Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:05 am

I have played the FIW campaign to death and I am switching it up to the American Revolution campaign. I had a successful campaign with the Americans and now I am trying the British. I would appreciate to hear the different strategies players have for both sides. This is a full blown heavy campaign with heavy reinforcements and disbanding of troops especially for the Americans.

I am especially curious about the British opening move. Supply in Boston is substantial but not quite enough for the reinforced army the ends up deployed there. When and where to make the initial move out of Boston? Do you evacuate all of your forces at once to NY or Philly? It seems this also creates initial supply problems. Do you leave half behind in Boston and risk the Americans overrunning the portion left behind? Do you evacuate and drop your men off at two different locations to ease the initial supply burden? Or do you simply Head south and abandon the North, as it is easier to move freely and occupy different towns without resistance down there?

The British have overwhelming initial forces but having them well supplied and at full strength is a challenge based on there massive concentration during late1775, early 1776.

I am also interested in initial American strategies. On a side note, this is an awesome strategic grognard style game of one of my favorite times in history. Nicely researched and implemented. Well done once again.

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Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:47 am

Please do search the forum, lots of players and AARs have explored the questions you ask.
The 1776 start is my favorite, the 1775 start only works when you are new or have house rules. If American in 1775, take Quebec and get the Canadians on your side.

Boston is trap. Withdraw and reenter in New York and Philadelphia. The key to British play is to dominate the New York/Philadelphia axis. Then choose a region, usually New England to slowly squeeze the Colonial forces.

As the Americans, many players hide in two or three places until the Brits must attack. I am more active and try the American game of hit and run. That is, catch every weak British unit and kill it. And run away. This is a great game and an excellent scenario.

Me, I love this game and the 1776 scenario. Have fun.

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Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:54 am

good questions, I'm doing a current PBEM/AAR (link in my signature) and I'm going for the American reinforcements. Best way to do this is to occupy all the cities in one of the four regions.

Basically if you occupy no cities, they get continentals but few militia, if you occupy some cities they get a lot of reinforcements/replacements, as you occupy more they get militia but not continentals, if they hold no cities they get none.

So the worst is a few cities in each region.

I'm trying to clean up the far south in 1775, leaving enough in Boston to hold the city if I can (it is useful) while they can remain in supply. I'll then use the 1776 reinforcements to try and clean up another area (not sure which at the moment).

Not sure if it'll work but in an earlier game I got into horrible supply problems by concentrating in New England and around New York.

Another thing to look for is the sets of cities that generate extra EPs. As ever EPs are a key currency and can generate incredibly valuable supply carts, as well as force demobilisation on the Americans.
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Mon Nov 16, 2015 8:45 am

Yes, I should have thought to look through the AARs. I scanned the regular forum but did not see much on this. I have learned how a oversized army can eat up all the reinforcements and supply in even a large city like NY, so you still want to garrison mend in surrounding cities to take some of the burden off. And since you get supply from the adjacent territory you want to move a couple cities away to not eat each others supply. A real challenge for the Redcoats. I will start another British campaign as my last one went south on me when Howe surrendered in Philly! Was quite a shock and a blow as he had some of my best troops. America pulled off some surprise maneuvers during winter and hung on long enough for me to surrender instead of heading home for winter. A real surprise.

I have noticed that the historical route of returning the army in 1775 to Halifax works best. A spring campaign in 76 to NY with fully supplied and reconstituted men works best. Absolutely love this game.

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