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Broken Movement Routine

Wed Dec 22, 2010 5:40 pm

One thing that annoyed me with the movement routine in BoA was how units would sometimes not move from one adjacent area to another without taking a detour through another adjacent area. I also disliked not being able to make units move from one area to another adjacent one and then back to the original area.

I really like being able to use the shift key to get units to pull a patrol by moving from one area to another adjacent one and then back again to the original starting area without the move being cancelled. :coeurs:

When trying the control key, that's suggested in the pdf version of the rules in 7.2.4, it just doesn't work to force a move to an adjacent area. Nothing happens at all when trying to use the control key and that's something that should have been fixed long ago. :(

We really need that control key trick to work so we can overcome the nonsensical detours wrought upon us by the program. The program's routine for figuring out the quickest path only calculates the quickest path out of an area. As an example in the 1805 Sun to Austerlitz scenario I want to move Deroy from Weiden to Pilsen, which is adjacent. The program gives me a runaround through Eger first before going into Pilsen. Seems like on the second leg of a movement plot it actually gets it right, same as I saw in BoA. When looking at the tooltip movement data for the areas it takes 6 days (in snow) to get to Eger from Weiden but 7 days to move into Pilsen. So instead of a 7 day trip from Weiden to Pilsen I've got to put up with a 13 day runaround via Eger. :wacko:

Weather can really play tricks with movement plots with some areas being clear while others have mud or snow to slow movement into an area. Please fix this frustrating movement routine by making the control key work as it should. It's little frustrations like this that keep a game from becoming truly enjoyable and since the AGEOD engine is a series of games it makes the whole series less desirable if these annoyances aren't dealt with. :bonk:

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