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[VGN+] - New commands : SetUnknownRegions / SetKnownRegions

Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:25 pm

SetUnknownRegions: This command declares the regions which are not known to civilized nations (ie uncharted / Terra incognita). All the rest wil be known when this command is called.

eg SetUnknownRegions = $NorthPole|$SouthPole

Will make these 2 uncharted and the rest of the world explored.

SetKnownRegions work a bit in reverse, ie it allows to add one (or several) regions to the explored list.

Uncharted regions appears with a generic texture and without any information about them. Only leaders with Explorer ability can penetrate them (with some men).

note: This only work for VGN (ie if RuleExploration is Simple or above).
note2: with RuleExploration Advanced, each faction maintains a list of known regions (no game use that for now).

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