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The Military Options available have a price to take advantage of. Most common are a number of conscrpts and a sum of money.
I have had a hard time to find out how money can be generated and was happy to find a thread with this statement.

"Each game-turn, specific regions on the map generate ‘conscript companies’ and money. By holding the mouse over regions on the map, the tool-tip feature indicates how many ‘conscript companies’ and/or how much money is produced in the region. Note that not every region produces conscript companies and/or money.
Players only receive conscripts and money for regions they control. In addition, certain military options may be selected that allow players to supplement their production of conscripts. These options come with a price that is indicated on the Military Options screen (F3 key)".tt

I have no problem to identfy regions generating conscript but have still to find any region generating money.
And no money is generated, my pool of money goes just one way - down.

Can someone explain?

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