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Boulogne scenario suggestions

Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:14 pm

After several attempts I finally made the whole great army disembark on the British shores, headed to London and took it after a bloody battle.

I was pleased to see that the English resistance was also present and the situation quickly looked like in Spain as started to occupy the country, tough this may be increased by several events to make the British resistance even funnier to play with/against like the appearance of partisan forces and the fleeing of the king. The main flaw is that the French do not get nor have any means by special actions to get any replacement nor occupation forces which is pretty annoying for a long term land campaign in England.

This problem made me unable to advance further into England as I used my regular troops to garrison every city to avoid rebellions and that the divisions where unable to recover their losses, I was stuck in the south but finally won a major victory by points which is not as satisfactory than colouring the whole Island in blue.

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