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Great Invasions - Read this first / FAQ

Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:00 am

Question: Is Great Invasions a new AGEod game?

Answer: No, Great Invasions (The Dark Ages 350-1066 AD) is a grand strategy computer game published in 2005 by NOBILIS.

Q: What is Great Invasions about?

A: The game portrays the Dark Ages, starting in 350 with the death of the Roman Emperor Constans and ending in 1066. The player can control up to ten nations simultaneously, and is given control of diplomacy, war, finances, administration, religion, building structures and training and managing armies and fleets.
Great Invasions is designed to simulate and expand on the relevant historical events and occurrences of the depicted period. The player is given freedom to act as he sees fit, but the developers encourage you to play in historically accurate manner in order to be able to experience the timeframe in its full flavour. The game is built upon a original but controversial system of controlling more than one nation at the same time thus presenting the player with a unique gaming environment. The necessity to simulate long inactivity periods in specific nations' histories was the main decision for this.

Q: Where can I find more about this game?

A: You can find the official website (gameplay, screenshots, strategy tips, etc.) here:
You can find the old forum archives here:

Q: Why is AGEod selling this game?

A: Great Invasions was designed by Philippe THIBAUT several years before the creation of the AGEod Team. Philippe THIBAUT is the only common member between the Great Invasions Team and the AGEod Team. In order to allow Philippe to support more easily this old game of him, AGEod has signed a distribution agreement with NOBILIS. The official GI forum will now be here.

Q: Will this game benefit from the AGEod support?

A: Great Invasion was developed by an Italian team. The support will be provided by Luca CAMMISA (Calvinus), the Great Invasion lead coder. Don't ask Pocus or Celtic (the two AGEod coders), they are not able to answer your questions about Great Invasions, as Great Invasion is NOT using the AGE engine.

Q: Does Great Invasions run on Vista?

A: Great Invasions was developed in 2005 with an older version of DirectX. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Great Invasions is not supported for Vista. Great Invasions copies purchased in our shop are covered by the AGEod refund policy for technical problems.
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