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Today, 100 yuan can buy what

Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:24 pm

Today, 100 yuan can buy what?100yuan = 100 eggs or 300 parsley"Prices" really rose to what extent? A discussion can be seen: 100 What can I do?mlb kids apparel, new era hatsSina microblogging has listed a long list of users: mlb kids apparel, new era hats100 Beijing subway can take 50, 30 Pepsi 600 ml bottle, 25 bottles of 600 ml and its positive and 10 cups of yogurt, bread and a new language, 8 bowls of ramen Malan, 100 eggs, a pair of sleeves Bosideng down jacket, one third of the pieces of mid-shirt.Another message said microblogging users, 100 can buy 4.5 kilograms pork, or 1.2 liter bottle of olive oil quality in general, or an ordinary cotton. There are User enumerate: 1 barrel of oil, or 2 bags of 10 kg of rice, or 2 small raw ribs, or 5 packages, or 100 buns (not Jinling bun), you can buy on Taobao 2 bottles of nail polish, 5 sets of bone china cups or 1 cotton pajamas. "A few days ago to the market to buy coriander, three one dollar, 100 yuan to buy 300 parsley." This message makes endless smile.10 years ago, the concept is valid and 100?Half of a college student living expensescheap mlb hats, discount mlb hats, cheap mlb caps, mlb kids apparel, new era hats100 yuan, 10 years ago, or a real dollar bills."100 yuan to eat 20 tons school course." This is reflected in today's student friends living standards. But 10 years ago, 100 students can fill factor for a half a month to cap, mlb hat, mlb new era "At that time school breakfast potatoes with a big silk 3 cents and 5 cents a bowl of porridge, I remember one time I ate with my roommate and together they spent 1.3 yuan breakfast." The work of a foreign company in Nanjing, Miss Yu Beijing 10 years ago was a college student, recalled that time, she felt that time is now worth more than money: 10 years ago, 5 yuan to wash their hair, mlb kids apparel, new era hatsnow risen to 15 yuan; 2 dollars 10 years ago, a bowl of noodles , now in more than 10 yuan; 10 years ago can get a hundred dollar bills look heart, and now get 10 can not buy anything ... like ...

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