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A Request for Clarity

Wed May 16, 2012 6:41 pm

After the dust settling on private-life issues I wanted to be sure that I had the latest patch installed. I have a file in my repository which I had cleverly renamed containing:
patch_AACW_v1.16a.exe Size: 128,691,257 Date: 05-04-2012 08:04.

However the official thread in the forum is dated 24-Apr-2012, which is a couple of weeks after the 5th of April in my file above. So I downloaded that patch from the thread too -- named (very ambiguous as all patch downloads for AACW are named this) -- containing:
patch_AACW_v1.16a.exe Size: 128,694,871 Date: 24-04-2012 07:23.

So I unpacked both the new and old download and checked their properties. Neither of them have any version information :confused: . Then I installed both of them into different temporary directories and compared their contents.

Firstly, in both test-installations the ..\ACW\Settings\System.opt files have a line stating: "GameVersion = 1.16a"(!!)* -- not nice at all. Then I did a comparison of both test installations through the content of all files and came up with some difference.

Older patch
AACW.exe Size: 5,592,576 Date: 04-04-12 21:17:14

Newer patch
AACW.exe Size: 5,595,648 Date: 13-04-12 14:11:52

So they are definitely different patches.

Both "ACW Updates.pdf" files also have different dates and sizes, and in GameLogic.opt the newer patch includes some new parameters:

// ********************************************************
// Movement costs of roads and major roads
// ********************************************************

terNewRoadCalc = 1 // we blend formulas (or not)
terPercCostRealTrack = 050 // coeff to real terrain cost
terPercCostRealRoad = 033 // same, roads
terPercCostRealMajorRoad = 020 // same, major roads (always directional)
terPercCostClearTrack = 150 // coeff to Clear terrain cost
terPercCostClearRoad = 100 // same, roads
terPercCostClearMajorRoad = 066 // same, major roads (always directional)
terPercCostPercUseClear = 050 // We use 50% of the clear terrain cost formula and 50% of the real terrain cost formula (if terNewRoadCalc = 1)

What bugs me the most is that the downloads always have the same name. It would cost little effort to name the downloads according to their content like IIRC the newer patch included the above differences as a quick-fix, which I am happy to see, but I would request that even if there is a quick-n-dirty quick-fix issued that the download, install and System.opt files reflect this.

*the GameVersion entry in System.opt is what is actually displayed in the lower right-hand corner when starting the game. Had I not taken the time to do these comparisons I would never have know if I were on the same 1.16a version as anybody else :( .

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Thu May 17, 2012 11:29 am

My bad.

I think you encountered the "last beta" and the "final" with a last moment change.

In this case, I was being optimistic with the last beta version, thinking I could rename the zip to make it final.
AACW is a broadband pig [file size], so that's my feeble excuse....

Normally beta versions get shown as such in System.opt.

I don't want to get into a special name for the final, as there are many many links to the official patch, and I'm not sure I could find them all.

Pitiful excuse, eh?
Again, My Bad. Won't do it again...
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Thu May 17, 2012 11:08 pm

Not to worry, I just seemed to remember having this issue once before many, many moons ago.

I didn't think about that there might be an issue with links to the download. Working for a rather large HW/SW house I'm used to having practically all versions of all patches available back to pretty far in the past. Different companies, different needs. Apology accepted wholeheartedly :hat: .

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