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Who owns Hannover ?

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:33 am
by allan_boa
Hi, I'm early game in the GC (January 1805 start as France). When I hover the mouse over Hannover province (and The whole Hannover State) it says it's part of France, not just military control but already part of the Empire (tooltip says "Hannover, France" and the country is painted in blue).
But it also says "Disputed ownership // military control France 51%". And at the same time I have a political option (F4) that offers me to annex Hannover. So I'm a bit lost and wold appreciate some explanations ... Or is it a sort of bug ?
Thank you ! :-)

EDIT: and also I'm at war with Hannover so how can it be part of France if we are at war ??