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The Machine Gun War / La Guerre de Mitrailleuse (AAR)

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:13 pm
by Jinx

Late May, 1914.

"War, the whole of Europe sits on the brink, ready and eager, and all that is lacking is one little nudge." Pierre Paul Cambon, French Ambassador to London, important figure for the negotiations for Entente Cordiale, rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Every day, I look through the papers and guess as to which event will send us careening down the side of this mountain."

There was a moment of silence. Then, from across the veranda table, beginning with a quite rumble as like to a train working up steam, there came an answer.


Monsieur Cambon glanced towards his companion peevishly, his frustration not because of his companions taciturn nature, but rather a byproduct as he gave full vent towards his own mental irritation.

"It almost came about in the Balkan wars, but we where not ready."

"Now, when my government has expressed to me their intent on assisting the Russians, especially in any way that would limit the power of the German Kaiser, when the French people are eager for war, when our armies are superior in number and our will to expunge the memory of our defeats is great.
When all this is in our favor...then we wait, with baited breath, and I feel the wait of the anticipation has aged me beyond my natural years."

He paused, his irritation voiced. Across the veranda table, his companion methodically puffed at his pipe. Both men looked across the wide stretch of lawn and into the valley beyond, filtered by a golden hue as the sun sank slowly behind the hills.

"My brother in Berlin writes that war is coming. He hears the murmurs and whispers of preparations for war, every unit has marching orders, every train has their route planned."

"It is the quite shuffle of leaves blown on the fringes of an advancing storm."

He lapsed into silence. Nothing was left to be said.

It was a companionable silence. Of the type that generally haunts the evening of a summers day.

Out here on the veranda, seated with a brandy at their elbows and a wisp of smoke coiling up from his cigar lying neglected on the table, as the remaining vestiges of the evening color began to leached from the sky.

Monsieur Cambon, ambassador to London, admitted that the color looked very much like blood.




Haven't quite started any game just yet as we our waiting for our third player. We plan on giving it a day more.
If no one fancies joining us by then, I plan on taking the whole of the Entente.

So I'm trying a different AAR style. Not every chapter will have a little story like this, especially if I play both Entente sides. But I plan to interlace a short story every couple chapters if I have time. Also, just because I'm writing about a Western Entente character doesn't mean I'm happy to play just the Eastern Entente.

I want to also explore writing from different angles and different perspectives. For instance; I plan on creating a couple fellows in a couple random divisions as persons that I will occasionally write about, and wherever I happen to send that division so the story will be forced to follow.
So far, I think I shall perhaps choose a French Commander, a British Navy Sailor, a Canadian Infantryman or Cavalryman, Serb mountaineer, and so on. Every once in a while I shall have a little story on them. But I think generally I shall write about a bunch of people, and then the ones I like will be reoccurring.

I realize I am not a fantastic writer, but I figure if I keep writing then I will get better and it could take less time to write anything as well. Also, my history on the Western Front is by far a lot more rusty then my Eastern (As my family is Czech and all my grandparents fought for the Austria-Hungarians.), so if anyone finds historical inaccuracies and idiocies, please, I'd be more then happy to edit my post to conform to what is more plausible.

Also, on the same beseeching note, I confess I am not a fantastic player. I have only...a half dozen games under my belt, and most of those never progressed beyond Late 1915. So if anyone has some tactical advise they think I would benefit from. Please let me know! I am more then willing to learn. :-)

Also, this game, pretty much from here on out, is off bounds for my opponent.

The Machine Gun War / La Guerre de Mitrailleuse (AAR)

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:19 pm
by Jinx
T1 French Warplan..jpg


[CENTER]Late July, 1914.[/CENTER]


So the game has started! Do to the lack of interest, we only have two players.
So bob. will be playing the Central powers, and I shall take on the whole of the Entente.

As we all know, the first round doesn't leave much for anyone to do, all one can do is set out the War Plan. I haven't an inkling as to what my opponent will do, I have never played with him before, and it could go nearly any which way.

My primary objective with the Eastern Entente, is to keep moral high. Therefore we have just gone with the Historical Option. My secondary objective is to establish a solid defensive front, only advancing into enemy territory if it secures key railway lines and junction cities.

T1 French Warplan..jpg

My plan for the Serbians, is to hold ground. Even giving them priority in resources over Russia. After we have established a strong defensive line. We may hesitantly step our toes into Vojvodina, south of the Timis River. Always keeping a river to our fronts. Possibly.

As for the French, I think by expanding the borders via Luxemberg and the Rhineland, we can broach into the German territories, bypassing the mountainous areas on the Alsace-Lorraine front, expanding the front line sufficiently as to drag as many of the Kaisers men to the Western Front, thereby relieving pressure on the Russians in the East.

T1 French Warplan..jpg

My plan for the British, when they join, is that they lend their force on the Western Front. The secondary objective is to take Africa from the Germans.

That sums up everything! Cheers!

The Machine Gun War / La Guerre de Mitrailleuse (AAR)

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:13 pm
by Jinx
T2 Prussian Front.jpg

пулемет война[/CENTER]

Jelisveta Mirkovichka walked quickly through the streets of Belgrade. Off in the distance, she could still hear the blasts as the Austrian Fort of Peterwardein fired intermittent shells into the city from across the river. The shells where falling far from her, all the way on the other side of the city, but still she hurried her steps.

Everyone on the streets where hurrying, everyone casting nervous glances into the sky.

Serbia was at War.

Since the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, a full month had passed. It was a month of trepidation and fear. Many had hoped that as the time passed, the Austria-Hungarian Empire was not in fact intending to go to war, they dared hope that the fear of Russian might would keep the Austrian Empire at bay. Though the rumors of Vienna seeking German support in the event of Russian militarism had trickled to Belgrade several weeks ago, after four weeks of silence from Austria, many had begun to hope that the danger was past.

Indeed, by the time the ultimatum had arrived from the Vienna, it had lost much of the fierce intensity and righteous anger that it attempted to express. Time had dulled the impact of those words.

And three days later, shells where falling on Belgrade.

Jelisveta climbed the eight steps to her family home. She slipped inside the door, latched it, and breathed a little sigh of relief.

"Sveta, is that you?" Called Aleksandar Mirkovitch, her husband. He stepped into the room still buttoning on his uniform shirt. At the sight of her a tense line in his face vanished.
"I heard the shelling start up again, I was concerned." Leaving off his clumsy buttons, he stepped up to her and swept her in his arms.

He was not normally a man who expressed his love easily, but he was leaving today, and they did not know when they would see each other again.

Aleksandar released his embrace upon her, yet still held her loosely around the waist, "Petar was here earlier." He said, speaking of a friend that worked as a clerk for one of General Bojovic's staff members. "He has had some news."

Jelisveta looked up anxiously into his face, but he smiled gently at her and said "We have got our orders; General Bojovic has been ordered to stay here. The third Corp has been ordered to defend Belgrade."

He gently let her go and resumed buttoning his uniform.

"At least, that is the current order. Petar said that command is unsure as to what policy to take; though the Austrians have declared war, they have not committed any troops along our borders. Sarajevo is apparently swarming with the Empire's troops, and Neu Satz has a two corp waiting there, but they seem to be content to wait. But Sarajevo is far enough away that Commander Bojovik feels that it may be worth an attempt to raid across the Drina to Zvornik to destroy its Depots."

"But Zvornik is not far enough away from Sarajevo!" Jelisveta exclaimed. "The Austrian army will be there as you cross the river!"

"The third corp wouldn't go, its too far for us to get there quickly. " Aleksandar said, hushing her. "That would be for Commander Stepanovic. But still, it is indeed a little close to Sarajevo. I think Bojovik feels that the Austrians Generals are being very cautious, and at the rate and enthusiasm they have conducted the war so far, they will not march into Zvornik before they close the other borders.."

"Bojovik is a fool." Jelisveta stated, she turned away and picked her husbands coat off the back of the chair and a brush from the table. "We should protect Serbian territory and not try to provoke any more attention then we must. Perhaps the Austrians will waste themselves against Russia."

Aleksandar took a seat next to his wife at the table as she brushed what scant dust and dirt there was off of his thick army coat. He leaned down and fished out his boots from under the table.

"I'm not sure Bojovik is a fool." He grunted as he finally swept up his boots. "But I think General Putnik has other plans. He is a brilliant commander, and he knows that the railway is key. Regardless of what happens, Belgrade is the key to Serbia. If it falls, then Serbia is done."

He stood up. "But of course, if an opening comes up to distract the Austrians and to gain more territory..."

Jelisveta nodded, she gave the coat one last brush and helped Aleksandar to put it on. "What about Bazias and across the Morava river?"

"Well, if they attack that way, we would always be able to cut their supply lines by attacking from Belgrade." He buttoned his coat. "In fact, it would be better that Bazias would remain in Austrian hands so that a Corp from Belgrade could flank any Austrian attempts to attack Serbia to the south."

He paused, he was all ready to go. "I expect all we will be doing for the next few weeks will be entrenching down by the river."

Jelisveta nodded, the time for words had passed. She had been married scarcely a year and already she would be alone again. It had been a year, but their love for each other had not lost its passion.
She thought of their time together in their little home, their tiny beautiful little baby they had had, who had died not even a week after she was born. She remembered how devastated they had been when she died. She thought of how desperate she would feel if she never saw Aleksandar again. Tears came to her eyes.

They embraced once more, slowly, clinging to each other.

Then it was time to go, a few final words of love, words of adoration, words that are to personal to express here. Then her husband went to war.

But through all that, it was still bearable, because the Serbian 4th Brigade, the Pesadijski Puk 'Stevan Nemanja' Brigade, 2nd Division, in the Serbian III Corp, under command of Petar Bojovic, was staying in Belgrade.


T2 Prussian Front.jpg

Early August, 1914.

The Serbian Front.[/CENTER]


The Germans have chosen the Kronprinz Plan, a balanced defense.
The Austrians have chosen the Prinz Plan, also a cautious, balanced defense.

I shall begin without much pre-amble, as I have already spent much time on this today.
I have ordered everything I could for the Serbians, 2 Infantry Divisions and 2 Militia.

The Prinz plan starts the Austrians with an army on Sarajevo, therefore we have no thoughts as to what could happen, mayhaps even a mountain crossing into Serbia. Although that would be unlikely. Regardless, it leaves everything open.

Therefore I am left with a little breathing room. But aside from shifting a few troops around, I have not done much. A raider cavalry squad has been dispatched into Southern Vojvodina to cut the railway lines there. But no other hostile actions have been taken.

T2 Prussian Front.jpg

The Polish Interior.[/CENTER]

As nearly all Russian units are still locked, there is not much to do.

I have dispatched Commander Samsonov to receive his commission in Wilna, and otherwise, I am moving troops towards Warsaw, one of the linchpins to the interior of Poland.
Due to lack of German troops evident on our borders, I am tempted to strike out towards the city of Thorn, but I know that would be a mistake. So I shall wait until we can secure our borders and the enemy makes his presence known.

The only hostile actions I shall take, is severing the railway lines using cavalry divisions.

T2 Prussian Front.jpg

The Prussian Front.[/CENTER]

On the Prussian border to the North, I have also sent Commander Rennenkampf to recieve his commission as well.
I make a brief foray into enemy territory, chiefly to serve as an advance line of defense as I build up my positions to in Kowno.

I have ordered a more Russian Generals and Printed funds.

All other borders are stagnate due to locked units.


Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:20 pm
by Byrd
Excellent read!

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:39 pm
by Field Marshal Hotzendorf
Very good AAR so far, excellent pictures and your writing is great! Keep it up please!

The Machine Gun War / La Guerre de Mitrailleuse (AAR)

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:04 pm
by Jinx
T2 The Alsace-Lorraine Front.jpg

Early August, 1914.

The French Nation.[/CENTER]

Greetings, so its been a little while since I posted, as is apparently normal for me. I am a bit of a procrastinator. Also, every once in a while I become a disillusioned with writing an AAR. In fact, I still am fighting the urge to finish this one up.
My initial plan was to create an AAR for only one side, but I find myself playing two sides. Then, my plan of writing an AAR alongside other fellows has not yet come to pass, and I am beginning to think that it may not come to pass. Which decreases my desire to write one twofold. I am beginning to think that I should just play this game without the AAR, and gain gameplay experience, and then come at it again at a later date to do an AAR along this style, but with less of a workload.
I am even halfway tempted to see if anyone would be interested in playing a.......six player game!!! :-O. I know its been done, and a few people had a bit of a rough time allocating resources and a few feelings where hurt. But its been a dream of mine and maybe we can find enough interested AAR playing people to make it happen!
But I'm a bit of a dreamer and I always seem to dream big, but I'd love to try it.

We would split the game up into players at least of:

Ottoman Empire,

But anyways, back to the other, either way. :-)

The French are my favorites, mostly because in my last game they saw most of the action and many of my strategies with them where fairly effective!
For this turn, I purchased as many infantry as I could, I probably should spend some on generals, but I think I need to push as much power to the border as I possibly can, and then flesh it out next turn with Generals, and afterwards with artillery.

[CENTER]The Rheinland Offensive.[/CENTER]

This turn, after choosing Plan XIX plan, I'm breaking into the Rhineland (again), using Commander Foch as my sword hand and stabbing deep into the North Rhineland via Luxembourg. Followed by General Noël Édouard, le Capucin Botté, and his Première Armee a few days behind him.

T2 The Alsace-Lorraine Front.jpg

Due to the traffic penalty, I wonder what will happen to movement speeds.

Also, we are sending a Corp down south to secure Briey from a German river crossing. As well as peppering a few German rear areas with raider divisions to hopefully cut enemy railways and prevent reinforcement from flowing North as easily.

T2 The Alsace-Lorraine Front.jpg

The Alsace-Lorraine Front.[/CENTER]

Everything on this front is stagnate for me, we may see an enemy attack from the Kaisers forces at Metz. But I suspect my opponent will be a cautious type, and will secure his fronts before taking advantage of any openings on my borders.

Although not shown in that screenshot, one addition I added is a reduced Corp to attack Morhange, set on G/G, and evade, only to swoop in and next turn to cut the railway lines. A bit risky. I calculate that if I show an aggressive demeanor, I may drag more German troops to this Front, especially while the front is not entrenched, and if they see me as a threat against the North Rhineland, they may focus their attentions towards in reinforcing North verses defending this front.

All in all, I think the KronPrinz plan is a better counter plan to my Plan XIX, the Moltke plan left too many of the Kaisers forces locked on this front for a decent reaction to the attack verses the Rhineland using the Plan XIX.

We have sent our diplomatic forces to influence the British to our side. Although I think...I think possibly it may be interesting to consider using the diplomat immediately on Italy.
As for the rest, Greece, Belgium, Romania, and Netherlands. Although, I may need to calculate the diplomat to Greece, due to the (Saloniki?) event.

Anyways! That's it for now!


Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:54 pm
by Jinx
Field Marshal Hotzendorf wrote:Very good AAR so far, excellent pictures and your writing is great! Keep it up please!

Thank you very much! I will try. :-)

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:24 am
by PJL
Always nice to see new AARs for TEAW

I.f you're interested in a multi-player TEAW there is one going at the Paradox forums here:

However most of the best spots have already been taken

Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 1:08 am
by Jinx

Sorry, I closed this game down because it was too time consuming playing two sides as well as writing an AAR. But I will be back someday.

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 6:20 pm
by Field Marshal Hotzendorf
I hope so Jinx. I was rather enjoying your AAR.